App That Can Protect Your Personal Data

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After the introduction of spyware and so many spy apps, people have now become extremely concerned about the protection of their personal data that is stored on their computer and as well as their cell phones. As for the cell phones, the trend of using mobile anti-virus is increasing to protect their cell phones from any malware or spyware. As for those who use laptops and PCs, there is good news. There is new software that has been introduced, which people can carry in their pockets and use for any computer, without leaving a single trace of use. This is indeed a very clever piece of technology and will prove to be very helpful for all those who think that their personal information might be vulnerable.

This software is nothing but a normal USB memory stick. You can carry this with you anywhere you want. When you use this USB memory stick on another computer, all the browsing history and any other documents that is used on this computer will not be recorded on that particular PC, even if any spy software has been installed in it.

Even though it looks like a simple USB memory stick, this software is different from a simple USB. It is indeed interesting to note that there is an entire operating system in this USB stick, just like Windows. When you switch in the USB in a PC, this software will restart the computer and set up your own personal system that will called Tails.

Once you are done using the PC, you take out this USB stick the PC will not even show a single mark that it was used by you. You can then carry all your personal information and browsing history with you again in your pocket.

According to the report that was published in the paper regarding this software said that all the information, meaning cookies of the websites that you browsed and the documents will only be contained in Tails. There is not even the chance of your documents being in the Recycle Bin.

There are many people who are in favor of this software. They argue that this software will give an edge to the people who intend to do any criminal activities. On the other hand, the privacy advocates, are looking forward to this app as they say that people will now be able to work in complete privacy and will not have to be insecure about their personal information.

With Tails carrying all your personal information, you don’t need to worry that anyone else can get their hands on your private data. Even if the computer that you used was yours or someone else’s, whatever you did on that will be a secret for everyone.

All that you need to worry about is that you have to take care of your USB memory stick, as it has all your information. As long as you have the memory stick, your information is safe with you.

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