Samsung Galaxy S6 : What all to expect from this beast?

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The world has gone crazy over the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, the latest flagship smartphone from the house of the Korean smartphone giant, and it has all the features and more what customers wanted to experience. But the latest buzz surrounding this is the news about its successor, the Samsung Galaxy S6 which is slated to release sometime next year and is expected to be even better than its predecessor, the S5, and is already being seen as the next big thing in the world of mobile technology.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 has already started to evoke huge positive reactions from users active on several social media websites, gadget forums and tech websites. It is expected to be completely different from previous phones in the very successful Galaxy series of smartphones from Samsung, and could expectedly be a quick performer boasting of never before heard of specs.

Several rumors and speculations on the S6 are doing the rounds on the internet and are spreading like wildfire post the release of the Galaxy S5. Here are some of the rumors concerning the Samsung Galaxy S6:

  • Latest Exynos processor: The Galaxy S6 could be the best performing device in its class when it releases, and is rumored to sport Samsung’s own Exynos 8 CPU with advanced power management and blazing fast operation speeds even at heavy duty usage.
  • 20 MP shutter with ISOCELL: Samsung inc. has been known to include great optics in its flagship devices, and the Galaxy S6 seems to be no exception to this. Expect a magnificent 20 MP camera capable of handling lifelike pictures and video and full HD 1080 p. It is also expected to have a 8 MP front facing camera for video calls,
  • Android Kitkat 4.4.3 OS: Android has always been closely associated with Android OS, and the Galaxy S6 could feature the latest Android 4.4.3 Kitkat, along with a guaranteed update to any future subsequent Android version which releases anytime later.
  • Excellent display with curved screen: The Galaxy S6 is expected to make huge waves in the display department. If rumors on tech websites are anything to go by, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to have an amazing 6.3 inch 4K resolution display, and adding to that, the screen could also be a curved display for extra viewing pleasure.
  • Metallic body: If speculations are to be believed, then the Galaxy S6 will be sporting a dashing aluminum unibody exterior, thereby ditching the plastic polycarbonate bodies of the previous Galaxy series phones. It is expected to have the smallest bezel in its class, which will definitely make it a contender for one of the best looking smartphones of the year 2015.

Galaxy S6 price:

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will bear a hefty price tag. It could be yours for around $800, and will surely be worth the price paid for it, considering its features and specifications.

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  1. there are many rummer here and there about Glaxy S6, i am going crazy about this phone… hope we will see a future phone from samsung.

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