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Save the Environment with Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing has emerged as the new mantra for businesses and enterprises to go green. There is a pressing need to shift to the cloud sooner or rather than later keeping in mind the bucket loads of advantages it has to offer.


You don’t necessarily need to be a tree hugger in order to save the environment as by switching to cloud computing, you can have that desired effect. Here’s how:

Eco-Friendly Office Spaces:

  • Apart from cutting down capital requirements, cloud computing reduces the number of equipment & machinery running inside your office.
  • A less office space might seem like a tiny difference, but try thinking on the lines of how many trees must be sacrificed to make room for building offices. With a cloud, your physical business remains smaller whilst still expanding online.

Energy Conservation:

  • Businesses storing data in a cloud data center helps mitigate the need for large, overheating server rooms indirectly enhancing the life of office computers and a significant reduction in environmental footprint.
  • Moreover, cloud computing directly implies higher hardware utilization. Higher utilization means lower equipment needs. Lesser equipment means reduced energy requirement. Reduced energy consumption means a happier mother earth.


  • Cloud gives you the revolutionary capability to work from anywhere, anytime using any compatible device. Basically, you have your very own portable office with you.
  • This effectively cuts down daily commuting contributing to a greener environment by reducing nasty fuel emissions.
  • Additionally, you can indulge in collaborations on-the-go whether it is inter-staff or with a client.

Go Paperless:

  • With the advent of cloud computing, there has been a shift to the digital world i.e. virtual living. You can securely store all your business or personal data on the cloud making excessive document printing and hard-copy stacks completely obsolete.
  • This is one of the major reasons why a cloud based business becomes a green business after all.

Reduced Power Needs:

  • Cloud computing works on the premise of maximizing productivity and enhance data storage while simultaneously reducing machinery and capital needs. It directly incorporates resource pooling i.e. the inherent ability to integrate and share resources on a single network or a server.
  • This helps in reducing electricity needs in turn optimizing power requirements.
  • Many cloud vendors are now beginning to employ exclusive state-of-the-art personnel to deliver improved PUE [Power Usage Effectiveness].

Promotes Life-Cycle Management:

  • The PAY-AS-YOU-GO and self-service nature of the cloud effectively invigorates users to consume only what they need. Combined with the self-service aspect, life cycle management is given due importance.
  • The bottom line is- A cloud makes users smart when it comes to resource consumption.

Additional Perks:

  • ICT [Information Communications Technology] – This is all about new and improved technological innovations aiming to promote environment-friendly ways of doing business like conferencing and virtual meetings.
  • Influx of mobile phones, tablets and laptops have now enabled employees to communicate and accomplish their business tasks effectively reducing the company’s carbon footprint.
  • VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol based on the cloud replaces outdated telephony by offering voice connectivity minus the additional on-site machinery and applications.


Partnering with cloud computing will not only enhance the businessman inside you, but it will also make you more of a human by giving your business an environment-friendly face.

So, make your companies go green and go cloud in one single stroke.

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