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The platform WordPress is widely used on the Internet, and therefore it is important to learn about the techniques of SEO that can be applied and also how to avoid some problems such as spam.


Spam is a problem, and is disseminated through email, blogs and websites, making the user lose interest in visiting a page to find full of spam. Basically spam is an unsolicited message, ie a statement that the user has not requested and will probably not want to receive.

Although the most traditional form of spam remains through email, spammers are using other venues to publish their messages through automatic popups, mass messages on social networks like Orkut or Facebook or instant messaging programs like Skype and MSN. Recently with the explosion of blogs spammers have begun to consider these spaces as an excellent environment for dissemination through automatic comments that contain links and often do not have any sense.

Problems Caused By Spam Blog

Depending on the amount of spam sent, the blog can become unstable and hinder the access of visitors to it, and even their own blogs admin. In addition, a visitor who enters into a spam blog and constantly find in the comments can see that the problem is due to lack of moderation by site administrators, and never come back.

Protecting Your Blog From Spammers

The comment system of blogs spammers assured an excellent means of disclosure, especially since most of platforms does not have an efficient system to block these unwanted messages.

However, in 2005 came the Akismet, a WordPress plugin that used to assist in detecting and preventing spam in blogs managed by the platform. The plugin is efficient for this purpose and as of version 2.0 of WordPress has become a standard plugin and is enabled on all domains created on the platform To configure Akismet to protect your blog, go to the Administration panel of your WordPress blog.

Within the administrative area, locate the area of plugins and activate the plugin by selecting it and clicking “Activate”. Click the “Get Your Key” to get an API key plugin, or if you already own just to enter the field that appears.

After you have inserted the key, select the “Automatically discard spam comments on posts older than a month.” And click “Update Options”. Done that the plugin will already be prepared to filter the spam messages that attempt to submit in your blog , leaving it more robust and ready to receive visitors.

For extra protection and minimizing the work of removing spam comments manually, install Conditional CAPTCHA Plugins.

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  1. Hey, nice and crisp. I like the way this has been crafted. Keep up the great work.

  2. Also we can install some type of captcha plugins because it is also helpful in removing spam.

  3. Most of the Spam comes through comments which usually Akismet detects…but for being careful its a good option to have Captcha….Nice Post..

  4. Akismet will protect to some extend but like u said captcha plugins will definitely a bit more 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Also, instead of captcha, you can add a checkbox and make commenter confirm “He is not a bot” by checking the checkbox. This sounds much simpler than captcha.
    Just my two cents.

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