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Everyone knows that to make money with a website is very important to traffic, visitation. And there are many techniques used to achieve this goal, the most effective and write well about subjects of interest and relevant to its readership.

However, sometimes the blogger ends up being a time without writing new articles, either because they are dedicated to other projects, either because of offline activities, or for lack of inspiration.

On these occasions it is common practice to some bloggers known informally as “rehashing posts”, which basically consists of changing the “timestamp” (mark the date and time of publication) of old posts, to put them back on the front page of the blog, and reinsert it in the sitemap and feeds. Sometimes the guilt hits, and reheated posts instead of just changing the date and time turns out to rewrite any paragraph, add or remove some information.

For those who do not mind just republish the texts there is a plugin Old Post Promoter , through a few settings that automates the process of republishing posts. You can set the age of posts to be reheated, to exclude a certain category of procedure, or set the interval between an automatic and reissue new post (to avoid a post reheated stay ahead of a legitimately new post).

I do not use this type of record, mainly because of the readers of feeds.

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But if you have a blog that does not have many feed readers, or if you do not care for them, regardless of amount, try this plugin. Just be aware of the limitations on the permalinks to date information to avoid duplicate content.

Link – Old Post Promoter

7 thoughts on “Promote Old Blog Post – WordPress Plugin

  1. I guess this is not good Idea. Internal Linking would be good Idea to promote old post. This will create confusions to the reader. (this is my personal thought)

    1. yeah jaydip… internal linking is also a good idea… but this plugin can give more pageview to old post… thanks for sharing your view…

  2. I never heard these type of idea to bring old blog posts, These are the excellent way to carry up our old blog posts through plug-ins…

  3. cool plugin, will try this.

  4. Well, it looks like a good idea to me. This will enable our blog new visitors to access the old posts. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. I think the Related Posts Plugin is more useful for promoting old blog posts

  6. this plugin is great for promoting old post

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