5 Blogging tips for Productive Social Media Marketing

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With the advent of 2015, the competition on Social media marketing will only rise. Social Media Marketing is now more than just Facebook posts and Tweets. As one gets growing with his blog, he may neglect some of the very basic tips for effective social media marketing. And even the same case can be with new comers.


Therefore, here i am with top 5 blogging tips for newbie and the world of social media marketing. Don’t miss this one.

Blog about what you love

Let’s start with the basics. You can write hundreds of lines and thousands of words if you know of what you are writing. To be very particular, don’t be someone who you aren’t. Blogging is all about oneself, own ideas and presentation. And when you write for something you are passionate of, readers will easily engage with it and appreciation would follow. Lots and Lots of blogs are made every single day but only few of them make it to the top and that’s just because of blogging about something one does not know.

A min of 500 words to a max of 1500 words with useful content would do.

Google does not love short posts and neither do readers. Short posts around 200-300 often show lack of ideas and content and hence repel the viewers. But that in no way means that long articles are always welcomed by the readers as they tend to switch from different websites for getting the information in minimum time period. A study by Content site – Medium, shows that at an average a reader does not wish to spend more than 7 minutes on reading an article. Now for you, my dear friend, to master the art of delivering a useful content that the reader is looking for, you need master the art of setting up pictures, infographics, and other visuals at correct places. Do whatever it takes to put emphasis on your content. If you wish to get your viewers back again on your blog then you need to deliver exactly what they are looking for. And at the end leave your viewers satisfied with your content.

Write it to a friend sitting across your computer screen.

Remember the way you wrote informal letters to your beloved friends. Well the same trick could get you a good traffic on your blog. There a vast difference between writing for Google and writing for your readers. Often do people, put in so much of keywords and phrases to lure Google Index but end up losing viewers as they find it hard to read such blogs. While on the other hand some people make their viewers believe as if they are reading an academic textbook instead of a blog. And if you are stuck between one of these, I’m here to help you out.  Start with imaging a friend sitting across your computer screen who is in need of information and guidance and you are the only one who could help him. Deliver him only ‘useful’ content keeping aside unnecessary suggestions.

A blog needs patience and dedication to become successful.

All the above advices are of no use if you don’t have enough patience and commitment to achieve great heights with your blog. A great blog takes up considerable amount of time to build up. And once it is set, you will experience the joy like never before. Start by discovering different ways to promote your blog and asking for people to share their views on your blog. Also make sure that you don’t lose your commitment even if you don’t get enough comments and views in the early days of your blog.


Everyone on this planet has been allotted the same 24 hours in a single day and now it is up to individuals on how and where they spend their precious time. And I wish to spend my time on my passion. Studies have shown that blogs which posted frequently (more than twice a week), achieved subscribers at faster rate than those who posted once in two weeks. No matter how busy you are, make some time for your blogs. Even a half an hour daily which adds up to 3 and half hours a week is quite enough for you to run a blog.

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