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With more than 72 hours of business videos being uploaded each and every second, YouTube is still considered to be the king of online business video platform no matter what business you have been dealing with. And when it comes to YouTube there is no doubt that the rising of online video sharing is changing the way the organizations and individuals market their products and services. And it’s not an end to YouTube when it comes to online video sharing, it is still considered to remain as a smart move having its own down fall. Say for example the YouTube ads that is just next to your video content is considered to be the best for all the products and services you have been offering.

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Though customization process for the all your business videos on YouTube is considered to be limited enough, there have been many business organizations who have blocked you tube for all the employees when they are at work. So if you find yourself against the limitations of YouTube, then the good news here is that you have many other options available for your business hosting. Given below are some of the 5 YouTube alternatives for video hosting offering a free trial period for a month or 15 days trial.



Though Vimeo is considered to have less traffic and low profile when compared to YouTube, it is still considered to be more professional in terms of YouTube where the users could create more of high quality content rather than the crap videos. Like YouTube you could not just share and like your business videos but would be sharing just with your friends and channels through an integrated secure login feature.



Wistia is another video hosting website for all the businesses where instead of offering a central network and their members uploading the business material, Wistia helps the brands and business organizations add all their business related videos on their existing web properties. Once you have embedded the entire video on your website you could enjoy full control over branding, including the add on social buttons, call to action button, along with the marketing tools emails and triggered campaigns.



Having a video streaming platform for any business or live on demand with analytics is a great start for any business you are dealing with. It is generally a platform for all the smaller business organizations streaming their videos with a reasonable amount of bandwidth. The platform is just for the broadcasters and not for the viewer’s, as it does not have any free option available aiming for a high sector of the market. This platform also offers the business organizations with white label embedded code so that the broadcasters dealing with their business could directly embedded them on their website without any restrictions.



As another alternative for YouTube, Vzaar is another online video sharing platform that offers the business professionals and the entrepreneurs with plenty of video hosting platform control starting from uploading and encoding through the display and delivery. Say for example you could few you upload your business video from the web, mobile or the desktop choosing the desired quality and dimensions controlling the domains that would help you play all your business videos.



Viddler another video sharing platform for all the business entrepreneur and is something similar to Wista, that offers the business professionals with a comprehensive video services and variety of options like the custom branding of your products and services, the playlists of all your business videos,  the RSS syndication  so that you could access the videos anytime anywhere. Companies would here appreciate the video contest manager, in other words the users can upload their own video content related to their business and then vote for all their favourites.

So what are your YouTube alternatives for sharing your business video? And how successful has it been for your business? Do leave your comments below and we would be happy to add them to the list above.

This article is contributed by Rajib Patel, an expert in the IT industry with over 12 years of experience. He has collaborated with various companies to work on improving video platform for business. If you would like to write for us, join eSoftload Community.

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