Pinterest or Vine – Which is Best for Your SEO Business and Why

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Many new small businesses are getting into the scene for establishing a brand name as well as make good revenue from the market. For businesses, establishing their presence on the web is necessary in this technical era. There are many technologies and methods available in the market to give a hike to small and new businesses.


The question is which one to choose for SEO purpose on the web. Vine and Pinterest are two effective social media apps being used by experts in SEO niche. Here we discuss on the two apps of choice about the benefits they can bring in celebrating a business for a long time. Both are highly addictive and fun to use. Moreover, you will keep updating content for the two in order to go strong for a long time.


This app has features of a bulletin board however it is bigger and more organized for photos and content, which exhibit what you like, sell and participate in.

Content you can show off

You can display artistically pleasing photos only if they look great! The content and photos will then become your own even if you have repinned them from other sources. It is good to have a team effort in business weeks and you and your staffs can post a board of their own on the firm’s Pinterest account. Tag and hashtag your pins for drawing the attention of a wide range of viewers. Also, link back up to your website if you use your own content. This will help more people how to find you.


This is a Twitter app having the skill to develop and share 6 second long or less looping video clips. You can employ stop motion animation to get the video a life-touch experience.

Great for looping

You can loop moments in creation and action. The moments can range from a 6 seconds of displaying a lumpy pile of clay over many stages into being shaped, fitted and evoked into a embellished bowl or making a casual moment in the office with the office puppy into a very memorable one through careful editing. You only need to ensure that your message suits the medium for brands you deal with. A new business can make lots of short Vine videos that exhibit little or nothing to do with the company or you can send a few hours editing and working on a video that connects with the activity they do and how they do it.

Which is best for your SEO business?

Marketers and SEO experts thumb up for Vine as the app lets them develop and tweet 6 second videos. Since the office launch of the app in January, it is receiving good media attention and has immediately catapulted to the most preferred one on the Apple App store. As a new businessman, you might have heard about Vine app. Preference to Vine app does not mean that marketers must jump in and start developing 6 second video promotions. But it is what happening around us because Vine can get along at the intersection of video, social media and mobile.

In fact, many renowned consumer brands are using Vine app, these days. It is important to share Vine tweets for making the app to take off. Marketers need to start watching and sharing the tweets in order to get the fuss. Latest reports give some insight into the question of which app to be chosen. A recent survey looked at the Twitter activity of around 1,797 marketing executives in the first quarter of 2013 to get a clear perception into which social networks’ senior marketers are active on, what channels of content they share and who is highly influential with them. Hence, the survey turns out that Vine is climbing the charts with marketers. The survey shows that 10% of marketing decision-makers in the sample have shared around 1 Vine video during the first quarter.

It’s your turn

So, now it’s your turn to decide on which app to choose for your SEO business. You need to discuss with your marketing team as well as SEO expert about this. Many things should be looked at before you choose one from the two options. There are many SEO experts offering services such as how to optimize Vine app. You have to find out experienced SEO expert on Vine app and let him deal your business promotion through the app.

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  1. Hi Charlie,

    This is a very informative post. Actually, I’m a new businessman and I’m already familiar with these apps. I never used these apps before for my SEO efforts. BTW, I’m also a newbie when it comes to online marketing. This article gave me a lot of insights on how I could improve my SEO. Anyway, thanks a ton! I would love to use Pinterest for my website for now. 😀

  2. Indeed with new and young startups we are seeing more and more innovation when it comes to Social Media. Having your brand present on each and every medium has become a must although many traditional marketing guru’s might disagree. For online success of your business its become important to take advantage and use SEO techniques to improve the visibility of your site online. Business can take help from SEO firm. I too have a small online ecommerce business in Mumbai for which I have taken help from a local SEO firm.

  3. I still feel that marketers specially the SEO firms are slow to adopt to apps like Vine, Instagram, Pinterest as means of marketing. Its really a time consuming and needs a separate attention. Engaging and building your fans takes a while before you can make full use of it.

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