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PageRank Update : Cyber World Got PageRank 1

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After waiting for about 9 months Google at last updated Page Rank for Some Sites, And i happy to announce that Cyber World got PR 1. It’s first PR update for me so, i am happy with PR 1. Though from afternoon i noticed some changes in PR of my blog in google toolbar.

There was a longest gap between the previous update which was held on April 2010. Well, from this update we got to know that PageRank is still alive. Though this Page Rank update drop some of my favourite blog pagerank, hope they get their PR back in next PR update.

And for some of the bloggers, there is no PR change so, i suggest to start building link in effective manner till next Page Rank update. For those who saw changes in Green bar, share your Page Rank status in comments.

Next PR update is supposed to be Schedule on 31 January 2011. So, be prepared for next PR update.

21 thoughts on “PageRank Update : Cyber World Got PageRank 1

  1. Google blessed me, me got 3 , nice update for all my blogs.

    1. Great Anish. Congratulations..

  2. Hi Isha,

    congrats on your new PR! I don’t think it matters a lot. I have seen sites with PR0 or PR1 which are very strong (great content, lots of traffic and good rankings). Yours is one of them.

  3. I checked mine. It is still PR 3. It is there from last 2 years. No improvement… But happy that it didn’t go down 🙂

    1. wish your rank will up in next PR update.

  4. Congrats Isha!! I told you, and you got it! How was your exams?

    1. it all of your support. Exams are going pretty well. 3 papers left.

  5. Congrats Isha 😉

  6. My site got PR3 ,This update is giving joy in my face thanks for the nice post

  7. Congrats to the same…

  8. Great News Isha..But no luck for me..Both of my blogs have the same PR as earlier…All the hard work seems futile..I m just gonna wait for another update….

  9. Hey guys,

    My site got Page Rank 3 🙂 This is the first update done by google after I created my site. Hope things will be good in upcoming updates too 🙂

  10. Congrats Isha!! I told you, it’s sweet result from work hard isn’t it?

  11. Congrats for the update…I am still will zero… 🙂

  12. Congrats Isha

  13. Bravo on your PageRank, my tech blog sored to 3!

    Good luck with future ranks 🙂

  14. You got 1 well, it is better than nothing. What is the next Google page-rank update time?

  15. I had this pagerank update across several of my sites, although remember that PR isn’t everything.

    In the case of one of my sites it went to a PR4 from PR2 but went down in the actual SERPS….causing me all sorts of problems.

  16. Wondering about PR updates makes me feel like one of the ancients gazing up at a mysterious comet in the sky and worrying if when it appears again its going to bring me luck — or kill me!

  17. I have PR 1, but I read that PR1 is really no PR as it is the lowest. Is that true ?

  18. Congrats Isha!!

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