Domain History-Tips By Matt Cutts

A webmaster bought a field for seven months.  He put a website to work in this area.  And, after seven months, the website was not indexed in Google.  As the field has a history prior to purchase, the webmaster Matt Cutts asked if that history can affect the confidence that Google has in the field […]

Test Your Popularity on Twitter

Want to measure your popularity on Twitter and learn how to walk to your microblog reputation in the TweetLevel is a “gauge” of influence on microbloging, developed by advertising agency Edelman. The TweetLevel works as follows: simply enter the username and twitter application will measure how influential you are. To perform the calculation, that the […]

7 Deadly Sins of Link Building

For some time now, Google is always chasing and punishing spammers links.  Your site is in danger of  being blacklisted and banned from Google for link spamming? Yes, No, Maybe? If you are not 100% sure. Read the post below. SEO Link Building has become one of the main activities of high leverage in any […]

Google Alarm Firefox addon

Google Alarm is a plugin for Firefox and Google Chrome, was presented during an event for developers in Germany, just in Berlin. The plugin issues a warning every time Internet users accessing the sites monitored by Google. The tool was developed by Jamie Wilkinson owner sites Know Your Meme , which includes the phenomena of […]

10 SQL Statements for WordPress

As you have noticed we have migrated from blogger to wordpress as wordpress have more flexiblity and features than blogspot. so, we discussed to shift to wordpress. Now comming to topic, so, i am presenting some SQL commands essential for people using WordPress and want to get the most from your CMS, but remember above […]

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