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11 Tricks to Drive Traffic from Facebook

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We are no strangers to mass following of some individuals, groups and pages on social media. However, it does not come on a silver plate. To know individuals and businesses with mass following on social media, like any other task you must have a strategy. Yes, you got me right, strategy! The following eleven tricks will help you to drive traffic from facebook:

drive traffic from Facebook


Having fans to upload and tag photos

If you have an event with your fans, take some pictures, post the pictures to your page then request friends to tag themselves. You can also request your fans to upload photos to your facebook page and tag their friends. Keep your accounts and pages public. This earns you additional traffic.

Post a status update

The posted status updates should mention your pages. Request people to join your facebook pages and follow you. Let your fans suggest new friends. Try giving them news and give them reasons why they should like your pages which will help you to drive traffic from facebook.

Contact admins of various groups related to your page

Groups are very important since they directly send messages to the facebook user’s inbox and give email alerts. Pages will only send updates. Try to contact admins of outstanding facebook groups; give them important content which helps them to nurture their communities. They will also help you build yours leading to additional traffic.

Install a facebook “like box” into your site

This is the best way to allow visitors become your fans and never leave your page. Using the “like box” builder tool, you can customize the number of connections to display, the size of your “like box” and the colour scheme. This will get you a mass following.

Connect your page to twitter

This is the best way you can use to convert your twitter followers into facebook fans. Connecting your facebook page to twitter ensures that posts are sent to twitter with a link back to the facebook version of the post i.e. www.facebook.com/twitter. This ensures that your page gains popularity even in twitter fraternity.

Use status tagging

This is a fairly new feature of facebook. You are allowed to tag any person or page by entering the @ sign, then type page name or the person you want to tag. Tagging prominent facebook individuals and outstanding groups and pages will automatically drive traffic from facebook.

Install commenting on your landing page

This allows more people to comment on your page including the non-fans. Comments made broadcasts to news feed leading to more traffic to your page. To set up facebook commenting you need to register a facebook application.

Create a memorable URL

To create a custom URL for your page, go to facebook.com/username. Choose an easy and memorable one since it cannot be changed. Memorable URLs are good as your fans will access your content with ease. They will also easily refer their friends to your pages.

Learn more about facebook

The more you are familiar with facebook, the more you are able to drive traffic. Be on the sure to know the new developments. Any new development comes with a great opportunity to amass a great following.

Install a “like” button to your posts

This helps drive more traffic to your posts. If you have self hosted wordpress blog install the WP FB like plug-in. Integrating facebook with your other sites allows people to join your facebook page. What other tricks do you that can drive traffic from Facebook?

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