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3 Advantages of Local Search Marketing for Small Business

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Many small business owners who have a brick and mortar shop or office may not see the benefits of using the Internet to get local business but that kind of thinking can lead to a failure in your business. More and more people are turning to the Internet today to do their research before they decide to go shop or hire a company somewhere locally.


If you truly want to build your business, you need to have a website as well as be utilizing the powers of local search marketing for small business. In this article we will share 3 advantages you can gain from using the Internet to help you build up your customer base.

Local Search is free

Marketing of your business can be expensive depending on what methods you decide to use. But why not utilize all options that are free? Local search marketing is free when you add your website to businesses such as Google places, Yelp, CitySearch.com and others. You simply put in your name, address, phone number, hours of operation and what type of business you run. Many of these places are starting to come up first in the searches when people type in your name or type of business. And these sites see a lot of traffic without you having to figure out how to get people there.

The majority of searchers will check the Internet first

Over the last couple of years the Internet has bloomed rapidly and more and more people are sitting at home checking things out on the Internet before they even step foot outside their house. If you want people to find you, local marketing on the Internet is the way to go. By using your city with your keywords such as “Nashville Plumbing and Construction”, the search engines will pull your information up when someone is looking for a local place they can call for help.

Local search marketing is the “thing” to do these days

Not only is advertising on the television and radio expensive but it is also becoming ineffective due to the way that people are now watching more movies and tv shows online. If they do watch tv, they often change the channel when commercials come on.

With people doing a lot of buying over the Internet now as well, it is a must for a small business to have a website for contact or sales. People are still loyal and prefer to buy from a local establishment where if they do have any issues, they can easily run down to the shop and make an exchange or get their money back whereas a company far away may be more of a hardship to deal with customer service and returns.

Times are changing. It is the age of Technology. If a small business owner does not decide to utilize Local Search Marketing in their advertising efforts, they could be left behind. The Internet can be far reaching and by listing your business in the online local yellow pages, you could end up receiving more quotes for jobs or sales than you ever thought would be possible from such a free and easy source.

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