Do You Need an App?

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For many businesses and brands, the question is whether you should try through to contact customers through a mobile app. Before diving into the world of mobile app development, determine whether you would truly benefit from an app.


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Who’s Your Target Audience?

While there are app users among all age groups, Millennials outpace other age groups by leaps and bounds. These tech-savvy users are used to slick graphics and great features from the apps they use. Developing a helpful or imperative app will result in a fantastic return on investment for app development. Businesses that are aimed at this demographic should seriously consider mobile app development.

That’s not to suggest other businesses would not benefit from mobile app development when their focus is on an older age group. In fact, 30-49 year olds lead the charge in app usage growth. Many of these customers are still learning the basics of smart phone use so easy-to-use apps with useful information would appeal to most in this age bracket. Consider the audience before app development and determine whether your target audience would use an app.

How’s Your Online Presence?

Regardless of the benefits, the current landscape makes mobile app development a secondary marketing strategy. Having 1.6 billion users on apps sounds tempting but when 2.4 billion have access to the Internet, the primary focus of any business should be on Internet presence.

Businesses with good websites, a mobile site, and great social media presence can start to explore the benefits of mobile app development. Those who haven’t developed a mobile app or have spotty participation on Facebook and Twitter should focus their efforts there before branching out. While mobile app usage is on the rise, it still is a small piece of the marketing puzzle. At only 24% of the cell phone owning public actively using apps, focus first on more traditional social media marketing before moving to mobile apps.

What Will an App Offer Your Customers?

While the benefits to the company are clear, many developers don’t take the time to determine the benefit to the customer. With nearly one billion apps available to the public, a successful app needs to have intrinsic value for the customer. Whether it is vital information, incredible deals, or simply a fun, playable game, make sure you can provide an app that is valuable to the customer.

Businesses that can incorporate gamification into their mobile app will create a more compelling product for their customers. Gamification requires making an app that incorporates the basics of game play to engage customers, giving your app replay value. Apps that can be developed using this strategy will stand out from competitors and provide needed customer engagement and loyalty. If gamification is an option, consider developing a mobile app.

Can You Devote Time to an App?

App development doesn’t end with the finished product. Like websites or social media sites, app developers are expected to consistently roll out updates and keep the app up to date with information. Stale apps won’t provide value to the customer and will reflect badly on the business venture. Any app development should include what updates and future plans for the app will be implemented.

If business is booming and there simply isn’t the time or resources to devote to development and updates, demurring from app development until a later date is an option. Mobile sites can fill in the gap of mobile apps until one can be developed. Take a serious look at business goals and resources before committing to mobile app development.

Mobile apps will soon be the standard for businesses. Though that day may be in the future, companies that can develop one today stand out from the pack and get much needed education on app development before they become commonplace. Companies that cannot spare the resources, don’t appeal to the correct audience, or can’t find an angle that benefit the consumer will not benefit from even a great mobile app. Frankly assess your business and its direction before committing to mobile app development.

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