Most Popular Android Apps Of The Month: The Advancement Of Technology

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Smart phones have captured the mobile retail market, and Android is one of the most prominent or outstanding system that is used for smooth operations of these phones. The Android applications have become extremely popular because of the growing number of people who are using smart phones.

There are several companies that are manufacturing the applications for Android, or even freelancers who are developing the applications. However, it depends on the user as far as using them is concerned. The technological advancement has scaled incredible limits in the modern era, but when it comes to a professional Android applications developer, the users should try to locate the best company.

In this article, we well discuss 7 most popular Android apps for this month:

Euro 2012 Guide: Excitement for sport lovers

If you love soccer, you will be able to get the schedule of Euro 2012, which is to be jointly hosted by Poland and Ukraine between June and July 2012. With the help of this application, you will get the entire itinerary of the football matches that are to be held during this period along with the latest results of the games. Besides this, you will also get information about the list of teams and the players as soon as they are selected along with the names of the cities and stadiums in which the matches are to be organized. The history of Euro from 1960 is also available through this application such as names of the hosting nations, cities, referees, the runners up team and winners.

Learn ABC Magic: Wonderful application for kids

If you have kids at home who have just started going to a playschool, they will have a tremendous opportunity to learn and have fun. The kids will be able to learn the alphabets or trace them, and the interface is very appealing for the kids as it includes a charming cartoon. The unique aspect of this application is that it has a child lock that prevents the child to fiddle with device unnecessarily.

Find your way: A guide to a new city

If you are new to a city, this application will help you to know the entire city through Google places. This is the newest Beta version that uses an exclusive ring to tell you about the place.

Soundbox: Soothing music for your ears

Whether you are a music lover or practice playing on the synthesizer, you must download this wonderful application on your phone as you will get an opportunity to listen to some wonderful music by simply moving your fingers through the screen. This application also includes three exclusive instruments and six wonderful drums.

LinguaRoid: Linguist in the making

Are you a lover of foreign languages? Well, with the help of this application, you will be able to master your pronunciation of several languages such as Chinese, German and Portuguese to name a few.

ErgsArt: Simplifying the works of art

Art lovers will have a gala time as they will be able to view some of the major art works of different stalwarts belonging to different regions of the world.

Fall Out: Treat for gamers

This is a wonderful and challenging option for gamers across the world with numerous options the gaming people will love to explore.

The apps that we have mentioned here can be referred as the most popular Android apps for this month that will entice the smart phone buyers to a new realm.

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  1. Android and OS are the most powerful operating systems for smart phones. You can find a billion of applications. It’s a crazy with the android apps! in our days if you don’t have facebook and smartphone you almost don’t exist!

  2. Apps collection is awesome and i have seen ABC Magic APP but don,t think i am not kid all apps really cool

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