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Making money online is one of the difficult things in these days because there are lots of scammers and fake projects in online world. The schemes look very attractive but their purpose is getting thousands of applicants.


The visitors get scammed as soon as they make payments for registration. After getting registered, they face two types of issues normally.

  • The task is so complicated or lengthy that it cannot be completed within the deadline. So, the applicants get nothing because they consider it as their weakness or failure.
  • The company or particular website does not give any project but keeps the applicants on waiting list. The members get disappointed and leave the company because they cannot take action against such fraud websites or schemes.

Blogging Resources:

However, there are some proven ways that can bring an handsome amount for a worker. Blogging is a well known kind to start earning. It does not mean you will start earning thousands of dollars in a month but steady income is a guarantee if you properly maintain your blogs. Google Adsense is really helpful for this purpose. It places ads along with your content. People come and view ads or sometimes they click on the relevant ads. As a result you get paid after a month normally. Similarly, you can include the ads for different clients if your blog brings a lot of viewers. Some bloggers just promote the products on their blogs and get commission from the sellers or manufacturers. So, it is the genuine work that creates money. So, if you want to apply these techniques practically then you can check out these URLs:


Daily Blog Tips

Net Profits Today


John Chow dot com

Can i Make Big Money Online



Affiliate Marketing Resources:

Affiliate marketing is also another legal source to earn money. Some persons are really good in making contacts. They use different social media channels to make new friends. They join forums to get in touch with people who have same profession. They comment on blog posts and write the links for their marketing channels. They increase the chain of people that gives them commission and steady income. Suppose you sell a product then manufacturer or seller will also pay you commission. If someone clicks on the ads on your recommendation then both persons get paid. Similarly, if you invite someone towards a specific website and he/ she fills out the registration form then you will get paid. It means you help the principal and as a return you are rewarded for your efforts. You can use any of the following sites for earning a handsome income.




5 Star Affiliate Programs


Affiliate Tip

Super Affiliate Mindset

Entrepreneurship and Freelancing Resources:

If you do not have huge investment then why do you feel sad? Have you skills? Have you knowledge of web designing, graphic designing, article writing, technical writing, web promotion, marketing skills or speaking skills? If you have any of the above mentioned quality then you can tell the community about it and get their orders as freelancer. Offer your rates with completion time and start your own business while sitting at the place that is suitable for you. Get yourself involved in the community, develop a strong portfolio and deal with clients. Millions of projects are available everyday on the internet. You can try to win any of them if you have confidence and professional attitude. You can gain practical knowledge from these web pages.


Freelance Folder


Social Media and SEO resources:

Every business demands its presence on social media channels such as facebook, twitter, linkedin or any other platform. Website owners or SEO masters hire workers that are supposed to update the social websites with the latest information about the company or website. They bring different clients on the social page that may produce orders in future. You may apply for such works or you may apply this technique yourself for the sake of your own target. You can take projects of ad posting, link building. On-page SEO or off-page SEO will give you countless projects as billions of website depend upon SEO campaigns. Following are the most authenticated websites that can work for you.





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