6 Tips to Attract More Affiliates to Your Product Launch

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Breaking into the eBook or information product industry is extremely difficult as it is, and without the proper backing of your product, you will never have a successful product launch. However, that should not scare you away from creating your own products, but should motivate you to find a way to get the big affiliates in the industry on your side.

Here are some tips on how to land the big fish for your next product launch.

Contacting Affiliates

I am sure you want to land the biggest fish in the pond so that your product will be a huge success right away. I am sorry to tell you, but you need to start a bit smaller at first. Contact some of the lesser-known affiliates that still have a strong following online and work with them first. Do a few product launches with them and the bigger guys will start to notice how well you are doing. Then, when you want to hit it big, you will have previous sales results and a stable full of other affiliates to go to bat for you when you approach the biggest affiliates.

Offer a Great Commission Structure

This is an obvious one but something that you need to really consider before talking to anyone. Set up your commission structure and determine your price points well in advance so that you can find the perfect points for both selling and attracting affiliates. Usually, you will need to offer them at least 50 percent of your commissions, so make sure to price your product accordingly. Also, the real money is in the upsells, not the initial product. Make sure you have a large amount of upsells for the customer to buy. That brings the purchase price up; making the commissions bigger and making more affiliates want to work with you.

Promote their Products

A business partnership is not mutually beneficial if just the one party receives all the benefits. You can’t expect the bigger affiliates to promote your product right off the bat if you have never been in contact with them before or never promoted their products. When you promote and help them sell their products, they will start to notice you and want to work with you. Since you gained their trust by showing you are loyal to them, they will often want to return the favor.

Professional Landing Page

Nothing will turn an affiliate away faster than a poorly thrown together landing page that looks like it was done in a few minutes. Take your time and make sure your sales page is something that you would buy from personally. If you are selling a technique that makes thousands of dollars a month yet your site looks like it was free, all your potential trust with an affiliate and customer is gone immediately.

Promotional Tools

Affiliates like to have tools in their pocket before they start promoting your product. Hire a designer to make eye-catching banners so they can plaster them on their sites. Write killer sales emails so that all they have to do is copy, paste and send it to their entire list. If they have to sit down, read through your sales page and then write their own email, it may never get done. Do the work for them and they will love promoting your stuff!

Offer Real Value

Make your product worth promoting. If the affiliate doesn’t believe in your product, they either won’t promote it at all or if they do, it won’t be their best effort. Make sure your product is new, innovative, and adds real value to the marketplace. Then, it is only a matter of time before your product gains steam and you will be respected among your peers for delivering a product of amazing value.

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