Top 5 Apps to Help You Save Money in the New Year

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This is the time for New Year’s resolutions, and for many, tightening the budget is number one on the list. How do you do that? Be prepared—write a list before for shopping. Scout for coupons. Sign up for loyalty cards, and find ways to get rewards for your spending.

App For Coupons

Most importantly, download these five apps, which make spending and saving that much simpler as you move into the New Year.


When it comes to grocery shopping, the surest way to overspend is to leave home without a list. Avoid impulse buys with Ziplist, an Apple and Android app that helps you create a master list of groceries to use each time you head out. Save recipes, automatically add the ingredients to your list, and quickly search for coupons for each item. Ziplist even organizes your lists according to the layout of your participating grocery stores. (Free; iOS, Android)

Key Ring

Loyalty cards are everywhere these days, and for good reason: From airlines and big box stores to smaller retailers, these plastic cards rack up unbeatable savings for millions of users every year. The problem? They’re easy to forget, easy to lose, and too many can bulk up your wallet quickly. Use Key Ring to streamline. Simply scan and store your existing loyalty cards, join new programs, and receive mobile coupons via your smartphones. (Free; iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry)

Red Laser

The smartest shoppers compare prices before making a purchase, but the process can be tiring—and seem endless. Red Laser makes it easy. After finding the product you want, like a television or camera, scan the bar code and the app will show the best prices available both online and in stores locally. Either click BUY NOW to go directly to the selected website, or get directions to the store with the lowest price. (Free; iOS, Android, Windows)

Coupon Sherpa

Gone are the days of clipping coupons from the paper. Coupon Sherpa, one of the most straightforward coupon apps available, brings the retail, restaurant, and grocery savings directly to your phone. At Best Buy and want to check for last-minute savings? Pull up Coupon Sherpa to see if you snag 25% off an item. In many stores, you can simply flash your phone at the checkout to get the deal. (Free; iOS, Android)


For all your spending, Shopkick thinks you should be rewarded. Download the app and open it up before heading to your favorite store—Shopkick gives you reward points for simply walking in. Purchase specific items and receive more “kicks.” Once you earn enough, you can redeem them for gift cards at places like Target, Old Navy, Best Buy, Macy’s, and more! (Free; iOS, Android, Windows).

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