Kill Laziness And Increase Productivity

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For anyone who has a blog or even if you have many blogs and already makes life work online or at least has already obtained an income by working online at the end of each month must have been aware that laziness and discouragement are the biggest dangers. These two discourage feelings can ruin or at least the blogs are going to cause havoc. When working online every day we are always faced with numerous problems that can arise but these two attack in a very quiet and when we did the damage already has them quite large.

Laziness And Lack Of Motivation Attacks Any

We can not but think that laziness and lack of motivation to attack anyone, we may be updating our site every day and work hard on them but one day we fail to do so or because we had other issues to deal or simply because we were not feeling motivated to publish something new on the blog. The Internet is full of interesting content, whether video, pictures or movies and series, the fact that we have unlimited access to these contents easily let ourselves addicted and lost for hours reading or viewing such content is zero percent productive, I Am addicted to the series, I love to see any kind of series already lost, and surely lose even more hours to see them, the important thing is to organize and limit access to such content that distracts us. How many times failed to publish a new article in your blog because you did not feel motivated or because you feel  lazy? May recognize the will as I have already done so.

Be Special

Think anyone can be lazy but be motivated to be productive and is more difficult to find, then you feel special or at least detached from the rest, anyone can be the front of the television for hours doing nothing but being the same number hours of working online is not for everyone. Personal achievement is a powerful feeling that makes us feel very well but is also a feeling that can greatly increase our productivity.

Mate Laziness

Killing the sloth is very difficult to achieve because you always know better to be lying on the couch watching series in my case that being in front of the computer to work, the first thing to do is get the thought of what could be doing instead of work, it is clear that comparing what could be doing instead of what you are doing will always choose the first option so take your mind of the good power that would be the beach or in a more comfortable place, just think in their objectives and targets. If you have the pleasure to work online then you will find it easier to kill laziness, when we do what we love most becomes much easier to do it.

If you are not comfortable and you feel lazy to perform a certain task, then do it online, force yourself to do it and just get up from the chair and you’re ready, when you feel lazy and many people simply give up will do what you love, it is easy and anyone could do but do the opposite is more difficult, it is full of laziness and quit working, so is creating a standard, whenever you feel a bit discouraged or lazy giving up the task with ease, will create a small vice that will destroy your productivity.

Consider What You Can Do To Work

Think not on what could be doing instead of working but that is going to do when you finish the job, find a way to kill motivation and laziness that always arises for me is to think what they’ll do well to finish the job. When we think we could be doing instead of working online we are ending our motivation and increasing laziness, instead of doing this think about what will power to do so completing the work, trust me when I tell you know that things feel better when we work to achieve them, is very common to feel better after update my sites than in the days that I do nothing at the same time when I finish the work off dinner or a whole night playing PC games have another taste. What I mean by this is that things taste much better when we feel that we can work and then still have time for our social life.

Limit Yourself To Yourself

This is also a way that I use every day to be working online can be very boring because we are just us and the computer, it becomes monotonous and boring and i feel easily discouraged and willingness to work quickly disappears when this happens the best thing to do is go out and give back, if ever we feel unmotivated we ended up not working out. What I do in such cases is only when I leave all the work done is a form of personal reward that motivates us then or at least forces us to perform certain tasks, it is important to get the job done.

Divide Your Work Into Smaller Tasks

One problem for anyone who works online is having too many things to do and no time to do them, that’s a lie we have all the time because we have unlimited access to Internet, the problem is because people are in the same bag for everything and are mix with a giant spoon called motivation, when you have a lot to do just divide all the work into smaller tasks, these tasks that has goals that can easily be achieved, rather than be thinking “oh I have to write five articles today and I to send 30 emails to the work day is over so I can not do, “do not think the amount of work you have to do but think about how to do them quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’re thinking about it all at once quickly lose the motivation, just think about the first that can do that will take less time and quickly reaches the goals, for example the first reply to emails and only then think of the articles, when writing Articles just think that you are typing at the moment and not on how many is that you lack. Do not take bigger steps than you can even think about it all at once, take things slowly but effectively.

Check Your Earnings Online

This is perhaps my favorite and will surely be yours, see the account with adsense clicks always going up, the money is a great incentive and kills any motivation when you feel lazy to go check your winnings and think how did you get the same, just working and now think how can it be gaining work twice. This money never have appeared in your account if it always the good life.

12 thoughts on “Kill Laziness And Increase Productivity

  1. checking Online Earnings sometimes motivates a person to work harder for increasing his online earning

  2. I think postponing work may lead to unfavorable results. It is better to keep good relationship with fellow bloggers to gather content at the time when we have a busy schedule and we are unable to produce new and quality content

  3. Checking earnings really helps me in eradicating all laziness within me. You’ve really mentioned nice points friend. Nice work.

  4. checking ad sense really help me boost my senses. no matter how more or less it shows.

  5. Considering my age, I am always lazy! Cute picture! Thanks Isha

  6. Laziness is a worst thing which kills our blog productivity and ranking slowly.

    Bloggers we need more and more hard work to kill the laziness, These tips are helpful and I have somewhat booted from it.

    Thanks for a wonderful share…

  7. Hi,

    Very cute picture, the cat is so sweet.. I tend to be lazy too sometimes and I stop working sometimes because I lose my motivation and those are the worse enemies ever (for online) – laziness and demotivation, that’s the worst that could ever happen because you will stop working or not working good enough. Don’t overwork, it is normal that you will get tired and -> get lazy + get demotivated. Thank you for sharing this !

    Best regards,


  8. I do get lazy 1 or 2 days in a week and don’t like to publish the post. On those days, I visit blogs and read them and comment on it.

  9. one way to keep yourselve motivated is to frequently think of your goal; again and again. It then becomes your custom and you do what you have to do almost automatically. Build good customs and you will have great results.

  10. Laziness decreases Productivity and the result would be less earnings. If you are highly motivated, same effect follows you’ll be earning much. Time and effort are compensated. We sometimes need to breathe and relax yet this is very different for being lax or lenient. I agree that checking earnings is a better way to motivate yourself, double or triple your earnings means a lot of work to do and time is used to be work wisely.

  11. “Personal achievement is a powerful feeling…”
    It’s true! Try to challenge yourself so you can motivate yourself. Trying to compete will other people can just make you feel that you’re not doing any progress at all. In the end, you’ll end up doing nothing at all because you’re already demotivated.

  12. Isha can you please share your personal moments of laziness and how you managed to get rid of them. You seem to write excellent posts with no sign of laziness at all 🙂

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