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Leverage Upon the Immense Internet Marketing Potential of Google Glass!

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Recently there has been much hype about the marketing potential of the much-talked-about technology gadget Google Glass although Google has for the time being forbidden the apps developers from serving or including any ads. But still, the Glass poses immense potential for internet marketing and there are many SEO companies based in India and around the world who are waiting for the right time.


The gadget is primarily aimed at customers but it is very likely that B2B marketers may utilize the product in the much similar fashion they use other internet channels and there have been many speculations on how to leverage the potential. The Glass is likely to have tremendous impact on the online marketing and is seen as the future of internet marketing with ads flashing before the eyes of the users. With the apps developed specially for the Glass, a fresh breath of air will be pumped into the marketing efforts. Let’s find out how.

How is it Going to Influence?

Though Google has not disclosed the marketing strategy yet, it is assumed that they are not going to sell it for free as there could be much more than only selling the glasses.


Google might not disclose their advertising plans, but they have not even refused to marketing potential and there are no advertising plans “at the moment” which simply means that you might see live ads floating before your eyes in future. Just imagine the prospect and be amazed! How innovatively you can harness that aspect. The ads of your company and that of your products, offers, etc. and a lot more! Just envision and be ready for the future. It is very likely that there are some future prospects to advertising!

The Gaming Potential:

The Glass also poses tremendous potential to gaming. May be Google wants to enter into the gaming arena although it is not renowned for games. May be they are exploring the potential at the moment and are preparing the API and once it is released they may make the SDK public. Then the market can be utilized in myriad of ways just like that of the smartphone. But it can hugely change our future world.

At-a-Glance Search Results:

The Glass provides the search results direct to your eyes. So, you don’t even have to look into your devices for the search results. With the Glass on, everything is just literally before your eyes. Just with a simple voice commands, you can have instant results to your queries about various places, restaurants, cinemas, or anything else within just a couple of blinks of your eyes! This search on the go means more opportunities.

Huge Social Potential:

Social aspect is no better utilized with any other gadget than with the Glass which can upload videos and images captured with Glass directly in any social media platforms. With its in-built functionality to take pictures and videos and directly share them to any social media platforms, you can use them for instant marketing purposes. Social reviews will also be displayed which will have a great impact upon influencing the products and services.

Influence of Google+ Services:

It is very likely that the Google+ services will have a huge impact on the search queries with its local search results. So the author ranks and authorship are likely to play great roles in future and you don’t want to miss that opportunity. The local search results will assume more prominence with the Glass and you can easily locate local restaurants with customer reviews, and everything else as it is meant for the “directions right in front of you” and other on-the-spot activities like driving, walking, etc. as announced by Google.

So, local search results and social media are the key factors that are going to be used innovatively with Google Glass. Discussed above are just a few of the insights as how to prepare for your businesses to harness the marketing potential of Google Glass.

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