In Safe Hands: Finding a Secure Co-location Facility

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When you use a co-location service for storing your data, it is important to make sure your investment is protected. At the very least, a co-location facility should utilize the minimum amount of protection, including access control and video surveillance. When you are touring the co-location facility, this is something very important to look out for. Not only do you need to make sure your data is kept secure, your equipment needs to be safe, too.


What should you be looking for to ensure you are choosing the right co-location service with the appropriate security? Here are some tips for finding a co-location facility that will offer you the security you need.

Access Control

Before choosing a co-location facility, find out what sort of access control there is on the premises. The data center should be accessible by authorized personnel only, and there should be some sort of secure card or biometric scanner to keep everyone else out. A well-secured co-location center will also have a way of tracking who enters and exits the facility at all times.

Physical Security

Does the co-location facility have a dedicated security staff with clear-cut policies? Is the staff well-trained and how many people compose it? The lack of a security-staff presence might raise a red flag when you are choosing a co-location facility, so pay attention to this important factor.

Data Security

When you are choosing a co-location facility, it is essential to ask what sort of data security program they are using. It is very important to ensure that your business data be protected, as getting hacked can be disastrous for your company. If the co-location company is using security that wasn’t developed in house, it might have a reputation for being insecure. There also might be errors in the coding, which could result in your precious data being lost or stolen.

Due to the increase in malicious network traffic and spam, network security for co-location services is more important than ever. The company should be using at least a suitable firewall as well as intrusion detection and prevention services. You might also want to look for a company that uses content filtering, spam filtering and spyware removal.

Make sure you ask about the data-security program, and if you are not confident that it is airtight, you should choose a different facility.

Video Surveillance

A secure co-location facility will have all of its entrances monitored using video devices, which are closely watched by trained staff. It is also important to have video surveillance on the internal data center, especially if the company uses open racks.

Fire Security

Having your equipment and data destroyed by a fire would be devastating, so it is important the data-center facility have the right security features when it comes to detecting fire. It should be protected by heat, smoke and fire-detection equipment and a comprehensive fire-suppression system should be in operation throughout the building. Be sure to ask about fire-security measures when you are choosing a facility.

Check References

Do some research before settling on a facility to see what people are saying about it. Hearing from previous clients can give you an idea of whether or not they are happy with the level of security they were provided. If you hear any stories of security breaches and lost data, stay away.

Backup Power

Does the facility you are considering have a backup power generator? It is important to have a generator with an adequate power supply on-site for the security of the co-location facility. This is another important point to ask about when you are choosing your co-location facility.

Security is one of the most important factors when choosing a co-location facility, as you need to make sure your data and your equipment are protected. Keep these tips in mind when choosing a facility so you can rest easy knowing your data will be secure..

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