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Make Your Content More Engaging Through These Seven Tips

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Nowadays, simply writing about the stuff you love isn’t going to be enough to hook your target audience. You need to create engaging content that will keep your readers coming back for more. However, that is easier said than done.

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It is a known fact that web readers have limited attention spans. Thus, catching their interest within the first two minutes of reading is a must. The following seven tips are seven ways on how to do so. Use them well and you will surely create more engaging copies in no time.

Write grammatically correct copies

Nobody likes reading write-ups which are full of misspelled words and grammatical errors. It implies that you did your job halfheartedly, resulting to a mediocre and amateurish post.

A simple mistake could change the whole idea of what you’re trying to convey in your material.  Always see to it that you proofread your copy before publishing it. It would also be better if you can hire another set of eyes to double-check things for you.

Be unique and sincere

Web readers have become cynical due to the many lies and scams found on the Internet. And so, making things up just to impress your audience isn’t going to get you anywhere. In fact, it could even end up destroying your career, earning you the ire of your once beloved supporters.

Strive to deliver engaging content without lying your way to the top. Make use of angles, prioritize relevance and experiment every now and then in order to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Take note of comments

Again, your readers serve as your bread and butter in the Internet. Taking them for granted will certainly lead to your downfall. Listening to them whenever they are saying something to you is a surefire way of improving your craft.

The comment section of your blog or page contains vital pointers that can help improve the relationship between you and your readers. Replying positively to criticisms and showing gratitude will surely earn you praises.

Utilize a more conversational tone

Not all people understand and appreciate the use of hifalutin words. In fact, most readers find them intimidating and boring. It would be better if you can make it appear as if you’re talking to your readers on a personal level.

The more you use difficult words, the harder it is for your readers to understand what you’re trying to convey. Go for the conversational approach. Never forget the K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid) principle when writing.

Find photos that goes along with your content

Images will surely add an additional flair to your copy, provided that they are relevant and doesn’t take the attention away from your write-up. Find or even take or create pictures that will compliment your material. Also, see to it that you use such photos or at the very least, site your source in accordance to the copyright law.

Avoid hard selling at all times

Web readers are sick and tired of sales and marketing teams that sell stuff to them. If you don’t want to piss your audience off then veer away from such practices.

There’s a certain art to catching the interest of your readers, without turning them off. Concentrate more on educating and entertaining people and then see what goes from there.

Ask for reader participation

Last but certainly not the least, make your readers feel that they are a part of the bigger picture. In line with the third tip, call for action and see to it that you’re well aware of the value of their existence. Create a feeling of belongingness in your articles and they would be inspired to come back and read some more each time you post something new again.

Engaging your readers takes time, patience and a lot of hard work. Just don’t give up and try to find what strokes work for your folks. Do so and you will eventually reap the fruits of your efforts.

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  1. What makes it more interesting is giving your audience a part of your post, it sounds catchy to them and makes them hook on it

  2. Hello Anand
    These are really great and unique tips that you have shared.Will be following all of them in future.I will try to focus more on “Ask for reader participation” and “take note of comments”.Thanxx for sharing.

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