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How to Promote Your Online Store Using Facebook

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Gone are those days when reaching out to wide range of audiences for your business needs! The evolution of Facebook and other social media sites have, in fact, revolutionized and re-defined most businesses. The hefty expenses for promoting your products across various locations and enormous time spent on devising ads for achieving it won’t be required anymore. All it takes is just associating your online store with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Worry less about the promotion part as integrating your online stores with Facebook or Twitter fetches you more traffic than expected if carried out perfectly and allows you mammoth time to concentrate on business endeavors. Having said that, it becomes vital to learn how to promote the online stores via Facebook. Right here, we are going to discuss about the strategies available for promoting your online business.

Why Facebook?

Before we proceed with the promotion strategies, I must persuade you why Facebook is the best choice compared to various other social media sites. Learning some of the potential benefits of Facebook would clearly suggest you why it is chosen as the medium for business enhancements.

  • Huge fan base and followers
  • Low-cost marketing
  • Business sharing becomes easy
  • Brandish your products with ease

The abovementioned benefits are just a few and in fact there are numerous indirect benefits one would experience when it comes to business promotions via Facebook. So, opt for Facebook to promote the business efficiently.

How to Promote?


Well, the next step would be how to promote the products using Facebook. The best and easiest way to achieve this is by implementing a Facebook app in your site. There are numerous Facebook Apps available in the market using which your business goals will be achieved quite easily.

Set up Online Store using Facebook App:


Install the Facebook App on your website. The app plays a great deal in integrating your website with the Facebook account. After integrating your website with the Facebook account, create a shopping cart-like page on the Facebook. The page showcases the products and services offered by you with an option of “Buy Now.” On hitting the button, you will be taken to the shopping cart payment page instantly without any reloading time. From there, ordering any kind of products and purchasing them becomes awesomely easy. The Facebook page can be customized the way you want that to be and add “n” of products to the Facebook store. Facebook has the huge fan following and providing options for the “comments” in the page would be greatly rewarded. The positive comments over your product would bring in a lot of traffic for sure. Offering a few discounts and freebies to the customers who like the page would further improve the sales to a great extent.

Popular Facebook Apps:


The list of popular Facebook Shopping Apps that could do wonders for your business and take your business to a different world is given below. Each of them has their own advantages and limitations. But, on using them effectively, you are sure to taste success in the online business.

  • Shopify
  • Magento Facebook App
  • Pavyment
  • PageLever
  • VendorShop
  • Constant Contact, etc.


With the increasing number of Facebook apps, it won’t be tough for anyone to find the best app for their business improvement. However, conduct a brief search on the different kinds of Facebook apps available online and analyze, well in advance, to pick the best one of your choice. Not only consider the cost of the apps while purchasing them but also the support and brand of the product in order to offer your audiences a perfect shopping cart experience.

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