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Top 5 Lesser-Known Music Apps for iPhone

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Smartphones have revolutionized the way we experience music. Music is much more interactive today, as it can easily be downloaded, shared and customized. Music lovers have embraced iTunes as it provides good quality music and cool music apps. These apps have taken the music industry by a storm while adding a third dimension to virtual music entertainment.


A popular and trendy Apps like Pandora Radio, Beat it!, RjDj has already won the hearts of music listeners across the globe. Apps which provide song details – like the band name and places to buy it – are an instant hit. For instance Shazam encore, with additional features like song recommendations and higher speed, is extremely popular.

However, if you wish to enhance your musical experience even more, here’s a list of lesser known music apps that will make you dance with joy:

Band of the Day


This app presents a great opportunity for new bands to showcase their talent. This app is fully optimized with Social Media. The best feature of the app is that gives the users a chance to explore recent and not so recent bands while featuring the best songs in the band. On the whole, it is an exciting app for users who like to be introduced to a new band on a daily basis.

Song of Love

Song of love

This iPhone app plays songs of love for children suffering from chronic illness and disabilities. It is a thought-provoking gesture by a nonprofit organization to lessen pain from the lives of these beautiful children. Live streaming of videos makes the app even better. Updated version of the app donates one percent of the revenue generated towards the welfare of sick children. App supports a puzzle photo game for more fun and enjoyment.

Garage Band


It helps you create your own music on the go. Using this app, you can make music with friends and family with instruments like drums and organs. The app lets you share your home-made compositions among your friends and peers. Its updated version allows you to access the music library, and its Autoplay features are quite interesting too.



The app has 3D sound effects taking your sound experience to another level. This app is not free but it is worth the experience it provides. It enhances the otherwise flat music listening experience by converting it into 3D effects best enjoyed with headphones. The best feature is that it lets you modify musical effects; you can either place them as front stage or off stage as per your liking.

8tracks Radio


Updated with a variety of music options of different genres, 8tracks Radio is made up of several user-curated music mixes. The best part about the App is that one can directly interact with their favorite DJ via Twitter. There are no random ads, and it’s absolutely free. The updated version comes with options of full screen artworks and social media integration.

Start Experimenting with these Unique Music Apps!

Make your digital media experience more entertaining and smooth with these smart apps. Discover music every day with these simple yet highly original apps designed to provide with an interesting musical experience. These apps are social media optimized and highly interactive and serve just the right blend of music as per your mood and taste.

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