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Google Panda : What Are The Changes?

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Some authors have breathed a sigh of relief, while others are tearing their hair after google panda effect takes place. This is because the promise that from now onward will be privileged in the search results items with proven quality.


You know how the results of Google represent the visitors you receive on your blog? This is easy to learn through Google Analytics or other tool you use to track access. In the case of Cyber World more than 69% of visits now come from Google. This shows the importance of being well positioned between the search results.

On the other hand, Google also has a huge challenge: how to show your users search results that are really important? The search engine has evolved considerably since it was created. Initially, meta tags and PageRank had a huge burden to place the results. This could open the use of techniques – not always honest – in order to skew the results displayed, which meant that they were not always brought the best results in top positions. These dishonest techniques are known as “black hat”.

Google’s response to this came earlier this year and received the affectionate nickname of “Panda”: these are striking changes in the algorithm that selects which pages will be displayed in the results in the best position. The promise is that Google will now be given special sites quality. Understand why some authors and webmasters are pulling their hair? With this update, the trend is that the poor quality pages that appeared well-positioned thanks to the techniques result in “black hat” now falling precipitously position or even disappear. The end result is that the number of hits that Google sends to such sites must fall – a lot! – Thanks to Panda.

What it changes for you?

We’ll start with the negative side. You have to be afraid with Google Panda:

  • Copies of articles and other sites. Panda hate plagiarism.
  • Do not worry about spelling and grammar when writing your articles. Panda promises to be a discerning reader.
  • Fill your blog gadgets and heavy images that make your blog take too long to load. Panda does not have much patience.
  • Put your items in a lot of words unrelated to the content, just so that Google can find it. The Panda’s smart to figure that out.
  • Create a network of sites just to put links to your article. Again, the Panda find it easily.

On the other hand, the Panda will be your friend if you really care about writing quality original articles and works and to spread them honestly. If you already do this, should be favored by recent changes. Simple as that.

How do I know if I will be harmed or benefited?

First, make a sincere examination of conscience. You fall into a negative category I mentioned in the previous item? If you do, leave immediately because this behavior is highly likely that you will suffer.

And if you do not, go to closely monitor the number of hits that Google sends you. If this number grow in the coming weeks, it is because you have been benefited. If it subsides, because you fell into the clutches of the Panda.

In Google Analytics, you can simply access the area of  Traffic Sources >> Sources >> All traffic and click on the item “google / organic” that appears in the list of sites. You will see the graph of the visits brought by Google Panda.

Tips for the Panda to be your friend

Want to become a friend of the Panda? Write quality articles! And above all, do not try to fool you. Below are some guidelines that’s help you to make your friendship with Google panda more strong:

  •  Your main focus should be your readers and not be well positioned in Google.
  •  Write articles that will interest the readers actually and are related to the theme of your blog. It makes no sense, for example, write about Sandy in a Technology blog only to attract more visitors.
  •  Do not copy items from other sites and blogs – Even if you cite the source. Duplicate content has always been a problem and it is not working with Panda. If you liked an article, write with your own ideas on the subject and just cite the original article.
  • Optimize your blog so that pages load quickly.
  • Publish your articles on reliable directories and social networks. Links obtained honestly continue to have positive impact on search results.
  • Take care of your Bounce Rate. By keeping your visitors interested in your blog.

In short: Take care of the quality of your articles. This will attract new visitors, maintain the current interest and encourage the spread of course what you write. This natural way to gain popularity is a good indication that deserves your article appears well positioned. And that’s what the Panda search.


For those who always cared about the quality, Google Panda is a relief. The expectation is that the mechanism to eliminate – or at least reduce – some distortions that appear in Google results. It’s also great to know that all is not necessary to perform “black magic” to be well regarded by Google. This makes the Internet more democratic, in that it is privileged quality content and original.

10 thoughts on “Google Panda : What Are The Changes?

  1. very helpful article when the Google algorithm was released I started a new website,my 170 visitors were reduced to zero immediately,than I found out about this change in algorithm ,one thing that you missed in the article is that you should decrease your tag cloud and keep your keywords less and precise ,because the motto of the panda is to give precise results of searches

  2. great article isha. Well, one of my site has been effected. Should write a unique contain for it.

  3. Great a informatics article. Dear Isha, i am in danger now what can i do? I hope in your future post you will highlight about this. Good job..

  4. Now google Love the social networking popularity and quality. so i think social networking website has been main factor for Google algorithm.

  5. because of panda effect one of my blog was slapped and dissappeared from rank, original content is really one of the important thing to get loved by google.

  6. Another thing to keep in mind that since the panda update, it’s crucial to spin your articles. You are absolutely right that google now hates duplicate content!

  7. Google’s strict behavior has made many of us cry including me. This has really affected innocents too. As all the co dot cc were banned, my blog was also banned and I got tears in my eye. Google strict behaviors like panda update is a good movement but only if they are able to keep them fair.

  8. According to the Social Media Examiner, Google had to respond to the challenge brought by Bing and Facebook. What Panda did was included much more social media like Youtube, blogs, etc. You can read the complete story here on SME:

  9. A Clear and Detail Explanation of Recent update on Google Algorithm
    Thanks for sharing the info… 🙂
    Your site template is so good 😉 buddy..

  10. Google changes its algorithm on a regular basis, but most changes are so subtle that few notice. This is different. Google says the change impacts 12% (11.8% is the unrounded figure) of its search results in the US , a far higher impact on results than most of its algorithm changes.

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