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Google Will Now Index Orkut Communities

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Yesterday, one of my friend while checking her Orkut Community was out of idea to found a lot more good about Google indexing the orkut community.

She opened her community and came across a message:

Hey owner! Your community description page is now indexed by Google, so people will see it in their search results when looking for related content.

She clicked on the link that was in the message! And she realized that there was a new message in community settings:

Yes, search engines like Google and users who are not part of orkut can find orkut community and their topics. So, when googled with specific keywords, your orkut community will be on index page. It can also be used for getting backlink from orkut and also promoting a blog.

So, check your orkut communities to change the setting to index your community. what you think, more you can get from it? please share your opinions.

4 thoughts on “Google Will Now Index Orkut Communities

  1. will sure work on ads placement soon…….

  2. google will do everything to promote orkut in comparison to facebook

  3. This is Good News for Orkut Community members

  4. Google has integrated many social networks and now its time for Orkut, which is its own service. SMO has become so important alongwith SEO.

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