Curating Content to Improve Your Online Reputation

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Just in case you believe that the Internet culture still doesn’t have enough buzz phrases floating around, here’s a new one: content curator. Remember it well, because it can be a key element in improving your business reputation.


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What Is A Content Curator?

The definition of a content curator depends on how you pronounce “content.” If you accentuate the last syllable, then you’re describing a museum administrator who is happy with how life is going. If you accentuate the first syllable, however, then you’re talking about someone who researches and aggregates content on a specific subject to one site, blog, presentation, etc.

For instance, if you run an accounting business out of your residence and have a website for it, then someone who is curating content is searching the Internet for all kinds of information that has to do with various aspects of accounting. Perhaps it’s a white paper on tax law changes, or a review for the latest accounting software. A content curator brings together all of these elements and puts them in a place where visitors can easily access them.

Why Curate Content?

If your business has a website (and if it doesn’t, then why on Earth not!?), then it is essential that you show customers your professional acumen is solid. You need to impress prospective customers with your experience, showing them you are well-read and intelligent. In other words, content curating shows people you are an expert in your field. Thus, employing your business is a sure way of guaranteeing satisfactory results, and that means more business for you.

How Do You Curate Content?

Curating content involves spending the time to research the area of interest, finding the most relevant choice bits out of the crowd, then presenting it to your readers. This means conducting searches and getting a list of potential materials, then sifting through them. Perhaps it’s a list of blogs that are pertinent to your business, or case studies on certain aspects of your field of expertise. If you want a welcome departure from the average ordinary article, consider videos, presentations and webinars. Curating content involves not only research, but quality control as well. No matter how relevant a particular piece is, if it’s badly written or boring, no one will read it, and your efforts are wasted.

Pitfalls To Avoid

When curating content, you have to make sure that the subject matter you cull fits in with your business’ field of specialty. Say for instance that you are a photographer who specializes in yearbook portraits and social gatherings such as weddings. Even though an article on photographing the moons of Neptune is fascinating and indeed has to do with photography, it’s not really germane to your business.

Don’t just rip off other people’s content. Make sure your sources are well attributed, linking back to the original source. Your content curating activity may end up being a long blog post that you write, using the information gathered from your research in order to back up your points.

Ultimately, curating content is a labor-intensive endeavor, but the return can make a very positive impact on your business.

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