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How to set up and use All in One SEO Pack

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All In One SEO Pack is listed as one of the most popular WordPress plugin with more than 15 millions of download worldwide.


Just installing the following plugin in the wordpress site does not help in SEO to get the best results it is also required to configure the plugin perfectly and in the following article you will learn it.

How to Setup all in one SEO pack:

First the user have to install and activate All in One SEO pack and after successful activation a new menu for SEO will add in the bar below the dashboard.

After clicking on the Open section first thing one will notice is the general settings. It is recommendable to use the default settings which come with pack. Disable the Use Original Title option and enable the canonical URL’s for the website. By enabling it one will be able to prevent the duplicate content penalty from Google.

Homepage Settings:

Under the Homepage setting one can specify the title of the Homepage. The title may or may not be different from the WordPress website’s title. If it is left blank then the pack will use the title of WordPress by default. Always try to make the title catchy. In the Homepage description field provide a brief description of the title in not more than 156 characters. In the keywords filed enter the most relevant keywords that the people will look in the site.

Keyword Settings:

The Keyword setting allows the user to specify how one wants the plugin to handle Meta keywords for the posts and pages. In addition one can also allow the plugin to use tags as keywords.

Title Settings:

The title setting allows the user to set a default title template for each page that is being generated by the WordPress. This may contain a single post, main page, tags or category pages. It is recommended to leave the setting as it is ass the theme should not add SEO options and leave the plugin that specialize in SEO.

Webmaster Verification:

The tool allows one to use Google Webmaster tools effectively for SEO and this helps in Meta tag verification for Google, Alexa and Bing.

NoIndex Settings:

The following setting allows one to disable indexing of category of archive pages on the site by the search engines. Some of the experts however believe that this is a duplicate content and its better not to index the pages. Others argue that one should disable the ones that are not necessary and keep the useful ones only.

Google Settings:

If one wants the images of himself to be displayed in Google search engine then one should add Google+ profile id and also add the Google analytics ID.

Advanced Settings:

It is better to leave this setting as it is. The setting is only for the experts and not for the beginners.

Feature Manager:

Through this setting one is able to enable sitemaps. The sitemaps helps to notify search engines if one updates any new post or page in the site. No need to enable this option if we use Google XML sitemaps.

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