10 Must Do Things Before Applying SEO To Your Site

Every website owner wants tons of site visitors to hit their website. The more the site visitors, the greater the chance that some of them will transact some business on the website. To drive site visitors to a website, most website owners know that they should engage with a Search Engine Optimization specialist and start […]

Top 10 Android Utility Apps

Whether it is about managing your files remotely or managing your twitter accounts or even amazing new keyboard typing experience on android, we have got it all for you. Take a look at this Top 10 Android utility apps you need to have it on your android smart phone ASAP. AirDroid AirDroid is a perfect […]

Gmail 5.0 – A Material Makeover

We have been witnessing updates from Google to its existing services and apps from last couple of weeks. All the updates for different services have one thing in common and that is of course “all new material design”. And the same theory applies to the new Gmail 5.0 app for Android. A complete material makeover, […]

Google’s project Ara: All you need to know

Everyone these days are talking about Google’s project Ara but very few really know what it is. It’s evident that Google has been working around on different designs for smart phones. Right from feasible to smart phones of pure beauty, Google has thrown it all. And for now, Google wants your next generation smart phone […]

What is Google Inbox and how does it work?

Google Inbox is a smart intervention to email that makes your inbox more intelligent. However, Google inbox is in no way replacement for Gmail app. Google Inbox takes your email experience to a new level. It includes reminders, tasks, flight info, photos, videos, your purchases and much more. Google Inbox groups messages all together in […]

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