Internet Advertising Methods in 2014

The Internet changes every year, and Internet marketers have to change with it. The Internet is no different to any other marketing platform. They all evolve and so do the players within them. Here is a short list of the relevant points you need when advertising in the year 2014. At the moment, all of […]

What You Need to Know about Video Streaming Services

It’s official: cable is going out the window. Every year, more people are cancelling their cable contracts and are turning to video streaming services. While there are countless services to choose from, five are at the forefront of the video streaming revolution. These include: Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, and VUDU. Each has their […]

Evolution of the Internet

What does the Internet mean to me? We’ll before I answer the question I should let you know I’m in my early 20’s and I have been using the internet since I can remember. I had my first taste of the Internet in early 1998. Back then there was no ADSL, Wi-Fi or High Speed […]

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