A Window into the World

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The idea of travelling and seeing foreign places around the world holds a deep fascination for many. The way we perceive somewhere else can have a great effect on making a visit seem appealing or otherwise and thankfully today it is easier than ever to get an in-depth feel for places far away without even stepping outside of your own front door.


Travel blogs

The idea of having a blog has exploded in recent years. Sites dedicated to making it easy to set up a blog and fully personalize it has meant that professional and amateur writers alike have an easy outlet for their travel musings.

Travel is one of the subjects that really suits blogging. Whether you want to write up the details of journey after you get home or use internet connections on your trip to post up-to-the-minute updates, there are sure to be plenty of people interested in reading your opinions.


Having an unbiased review of a destination, resort, hotel or restaurant is a great way to sift through the mass of material and find out exactly what a real life experience can offer. Some people think that only negative experiences cause people to write about what has happened but when it comes to travel there are always an equal number who are only too pleased to share great tips and advice from their best holiday experiences.


The best blogs use all the capabilities of the net to not only give insightful written views but also post pictures to back them up. Whether it is a stunning view, a top notch hotel room or a great plate of food, being able to see exactly what is being written about is a great advantage.

Of course, in the old days of the ‘dial up’ internet connection, uploading images could be time consuming. Today’s high speed domestic broadband connections from Virgin Media really do mean this is a thing of the past, as even high resolution photographs and HD videos can be put online in an instant.

Stay or go?

Whether you are an adventurous sort who regularly gets bitten by the travel bug or someone who just likes being able to take a virtual tour around the world from the comfort of your sofa, the internet definitely offers a window into the world – something previous generations never had the chance to experience.

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