Cable Comparison: Is Cable Internet or DSL the better choice?

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Nowadays saving money is a priority for most people. People are looking for ways to reduce expenses and save money. Entertainment is one of those things people are looking to cut back on. The cable and internet may seem like a necessity to many people, but it provides entertainment without the need to go out of the house.


Since it’s labeled as entertainment and not a necessity, the cable and internet are usually at the top of the list of bills to reduce when budget needs are addressed. However, there are ways to cut back on in-house entertainment such as the Cable Internet bill without doing away with the service or entertainment altogether. One way to cut back is to make a decision as to what type of service offers more for the money.

First thing you need to do to decide on which service is better for you is the availability. Are both services, Cable and DSL, available in your area? Cable uses external wires and lines to provide you with access to Cable. DSL is connected through the phone lines. So if you are interested in DSL you will need a phone line already installed.

What type of connection speed do you want? Cable speed is usually much faster than DSL speed. If you don’t get on the internet much or do very little on the internet, perhaps only use it to search around and to use the Office software, then you don’t need to worry about faster speeds.

Decide on what type of quality you are looking for. Quality for DSL connections usually depend on the quality of the phone line. The quality of Cable depends on how and where your cable line is installed, and how many people are hooked to that cable line. If there is a large amount of users using the cable line, cable speeds usually run much slower.  As far as DSL lines, if the phone lines are cut off or disconnected due to weather or some other reason, you want have access to the internet.

Definitely compare the costs. Most times Cable and DSL providers have similar costs for their services. Competition is pretty fierce and the packages or services usually run about the same cost. Check out the competition. Do your research. Find out if bundles are included. Do they have bundled packages? Do they have special deals or offers available to first-time customers?

Competition is fierce in the internet arena since the services are very popular among the masses. Most cities have more than one Cable and DSL Company in the area. Although some only provide service to certain areas in the city, you can find out if you are located in one of those areas.

Contact the cable and DSL companies and ask if they have any bundled or combined services available. Many people prefer cable services to DSL services because cable is more reliable and much faster than DSL. Plus, with many cable companies you get bundled services. Of course, the decision is up to you and want is best for you and your pocketbook.

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