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Why a Computer Expert Will Always Be Better Than Asking Google

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Computers and IT are few of the world’s more ‘mysterious’ things and they’re only really comprehended by few average individuals. Even in the midst of these individuals, few can really answer correctly on the numerous technical questions about computers and their functionality.


Numerous questions about computer functions, what is the problem with it, what it is doing now, how to troubleshoot, how to do simple repairs and many more bombard a layman using a computer on daily basis.  Nevertheless, popular search engines like Google already have quick, but not always effective,  answers to these questions.

Yet, one problem has always persisted about the reliability of these answers from Google and other search engines, which is that not all questions are getting definite answers. When a layman is researching for an answer and enters two or three websites in search of that answer, he might get very conflicting results. One website tells him that his computer is about to crash and will be nonredeemable while another website answering the same question tells him that the problem could be persistent but not dangerous to his computer. Yet another website or blogger answers the question and say that the problem is irreversible but not any threat to his computer. With all these conflicting answers, the man is left more confused than helped.

Reliable researches narrowed down this entire malady about Google answers to one answer

Popular IT experts and services, for instance computer experts and IT services Surrey, established that people behind these answers on these websites do not always have the right answers. Several things including attracting traffic to their websites and so drive them to posting anything on their websites.  Others thought that they know it all only to get the answer very wrongly. Yet in so many other cases, it’s about clients not entering the question correctly leading to wrong interpretation of the answer by Google and the associated websites.

However, it is not easy to control this problem. People have to continue getting ‘wrong’ answers from the internet unless they do away with the internet once and for all. But at least for the technical and more vital questions, it only pays to ask an individual computer expert for the right answer instead on relying on Google.


An individual computer expert is the only person able to offer a reliable answer because:

  • He/she is an expert on it; he knows the answers to almost everything about computers.  Unlike Google, he will insist on getting the question correctly for you so that you are satisfied and use his services again in the future.
  • They will broaden your knowledge of computers; this can only serve to enlighten you and make you better computer user. He or she will not only solve the problem but will explain it to you step by step so that it doesn’t happen again.
  • They will offer tips that help you avert more problems; Google won’t do this unless you change the questions.
  • They available via the internet; most of these experts already have their contacts in the internet. You can either call them or write them an email asking for directions to their office, or conduct the meeting over the internet for instance through conferencing like Skype.

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  1. it’s simple,.., human will not be replaced by machines, because there is something that does not exist on the machine, such intuition

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