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5 Tips to Make Good Magento e-commerce Website

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If you are planning to start with your online store there isn’t a better platform than Magento. This open source CMS solutions offers robust solutions for building ecommerce stores to satisfy all kinds of needs. It is highly scalable and offers a highly cost effective solution for anyone planning to start off with an online store.


It takes some tips and tricks for you to get the best out of your Magento powered store. Here we shall discuss five tips that can go a long way in helping you stay ahead of your competition.

Guest Checkout

As shopping online for goods is becoming a part of everyone’s life you need to replicate the same experience as a customer gets while shopping from a retail store. One of the major roadblocks is the sign-up process that the customers need to go through in almost all the stores. To deal with it you must allow your customers to checkout as guests without having to go through the lengthy registration process in your site.

Personalized Support

Most of the support services can now be offered to the customers in an automated way. Having said that there isn’t any substitute to personalized support service. You can create a chat support for your customers that allow them to get answers to all their queries in real time.

Search Engine Optimized

The success for your online store shall come via the search engines and hence you need to optimize all the product pages on the store. Make sure all the products are accompanied by unique content that is rich in targeted keywords as this helps attract the search engine bots. Encourage users to write reviews about the products listed on the store as this helps in increasing the activity and uniqueness on each page. It is however advisable that you moderate the user generated content.

Nested Static Block

If you are running a large product store with hundreds of products in different categories this is one feature that would add value to your store. It allows you to easily lead blocks in multiple data blocks. Not only does it make your site load faster for the benefit of the users it also makes updating the store with new products easily. All that you need to do is create blocks of products and upload them on the store.

Product Alert Notification

This is a wonderful feature that you must incorporate in your store as it lets you stay connected with your customers. This feature is extremely useful in informing customers about new products to a certain category or letting them know the availability of products that they searched for recently and which were out of stock or so. You can send these alerts via email or SMS. For effective conversion you need to know the preferences of your customers.

These tips have proved extremely helpful in adding to the sales and revenue of various online stores running on Magento. You can incorporate them and experience the change for yourself.

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