How to Make Your Blog Popular?

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Every thing in the world that is created, has a reason. Same there must be a reason behind creating a blog. Many blogs are being created every day, there are many reasons for creating a blog. Whether you blog for Money or Anything else, more blog traffic is important. What brings traffic for a blog? – Let us talk about this topic. If your blog is a successful one, then you’re not supposed to worry about the traffic. But what to do if your blog doesn’t receives more traffic? then you’re forced to bring that.

You know how blogs like Problogger and Shoutmeloud became popular? it’s the result of their hard work. But It is not a easy job as you think. There are several things that you should follow for that. ┬áSo, Here are few ways to make your blog popular.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media is an easy way to find new readers for your blog. Social Media – A place where all the INTERNET users gather, So it’ll be easy for you to find new readers for your blog. Social Media is not only includes, It also includes twitter, Linked in, etc.. And I recommend you to register an account in Stumble upon and submit your blog links there, Stumble upon is a website used by Most of INTERNET users in U.S , and it also helps you to get targeted visitors fro U.S .

Social Media users like to share some useful tips and any news from Web to their profile, So add social media sharing buttons in your blog , Even if one person finds your blog post useful he’ll share in Social Media, and it also helps to get new connections for your blog.

Run Giveaways

Many blogs are becoming popular nowadays with the help of giveaways. Giveaways helps to blow your blog’s traffic X2, There are many benefits in giveaway, you can get new connections , As you have run a giveaway more people will like to visit your blog everyday to check out whether you’ve run the 2nd Giveaway. Don’t think that you’re wasting money for giveaways , the more you give you for your blog, the more your blog gives for you.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging helps you to get more readers for your blog from other blogs, and also helps to get new connections with new bloggers. The first thing you should to make your blog popular is guest post on other blogs with High PR. Don’t avoid Guest Blogging, if you avoid it then you’re the sufferer from next Google algorithm update.

I’ve shared 3 ways to make your blog popular, I want to know your opinion , Kindly share us your opinion with your comment.

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  1. Nice information I am new to this. Recently I had created one blog for my small business purpose. I think social media promotion and guest blogging these are the best methods to make your blog more popular. I like to work more on social media. Thanks for sharing this awesome stuff keep on posting.

  2. Guest blogging can be really useful, because this is an excellent way of collaboration between bloggers who are interested in getting more popularity, success and incomes

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