7 Perfect Security Tips To Protect Your Gadgets

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We gradually moved into the world of smartphones and tablets and we have no idea on how to keep them secure and safe. Most of us knew few not-to-do things with our smartphones like online banking and transactions. Beyond that no one has any idea or knows any practical ways to keep their gadgets safe from theft and cyber-crime. The information provided in this article might help you, so keep reading.


We are now living in an era which is controlled by smartphones and different gadgets which made our life easier and simpler to live. With the increasing technology, cyber criminals are also discovering new ways to break into our lives.

Here is the list of security tips you can use to avoid common cyber-attacks and keep your gadgets and your identity safe.

Being proactive:

There are many security software that will keep your gadgets safe from virus, malware and phishing. Softwares like Norton antivirus will keep the gadget safe from malicious websites and scams. All you have to do is keep the anti-virus software updated. You should use strong passwords to keep your identity safe.

Do not “root” your gadget:

Rooting android devices or jail-breaking apple gadgets might give you access to all the controls of the phone or tablet, but doing so will void the warranty. Additionally, you will lose all of the built in protections from our gadget against malware and threats.

Buy your applications from authorized dealers:

If you want to buy an app for your gadget then buy it from an authorized store like apple app store or Google play or amazon app store so that you can have a company approved application with you. You can also avoid viruses and malwares that may enter your device.

Checking monthly statements:

There are many hackers out there, making money by using mobile malware which infects your device and steals your data while making a transaction or buying apps from an unauthorized dealer. Even if you can’t detect the malware activities, you can sure check your bank account regularly for any unknown transactions.

Stay out of reach from drive-in messages and links:

Sometimes, you can see some unknown downloads happening while clicking on a link or message which means you are downloading malware to your device. Mobile security software can help prevent drive-in downloads.

Lock your devices:

Using auto-locking system on your mobile phones and gadgets will keep them locked after some idle time. This will avoid any transactions or mis-happenings when you lose your phone or device. Always use strong Pin codes to protect the gadget.

Keep an eye on your devices:

Keeping an eye on the hackers is not the only way to keep your gadget safe. There are real thieves around us who can get hands on your devices and therefor on your identity and details. So always keep your gadgets safe with you and out of reach from thieves.

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  1. Great. Lot of this stuff and information and very useful and protecting your gadgets from malware. Many people are not even thinking or having things that will protect their gadget, so great to know all this ideas.
    Very good information provided indeed. Thank you

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