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Tips for Managing and Monitoring your Online Reputation

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The parents of teenagers often find tough time ahead while dealing with their sons and daughters of this age group. Unlike a number of parents, if you are a teenager mother or father it’s time to teach them certain lessons of dealing with managing and monitoring their online reputations. The teenage is the time when reputation is made or marred and since these people (teen) are overexposed to social media and online world, keeping a check over the online reputation is a must.


The teens are the people who are supposed to understand the ways to behave in technology perse, which mean they should know the etiquette and ethics about using the technology. This is nothing but digital citizenship, which can be kept intact by adhering to some tips for managing and monitoring the online reputation.

Understand the digital footprint:

The teens do care the least about listening things so you being a parent need to explain them about posting a number of stuff over the web including social media. Just emphasize for the things they are seen posting over different social media sites. This will certainly going to shape up the perception about their future employers or the college admissions they are going to take in the coming time. Motivating the teens in the habit of thinking via the status updates and a number of posts before they hit the submit button, it will really help in reducing the problems to a great extent.

Carry out the audit:

Search your teen over sites like Google to find out what impression you find from this search engine. Click over a number of links, which you find over the first page of your teens in order to find out how they are seen showcasing over these websites. The social media site Twitter is not just a flagging site but a place of sexual content and sacrilege and also talks about drug use and abuse. By carrying out an audit, you end up finding the right gist of your teenager son or daughter.

Guide them to build up a good online image:

You just have to help your teenage daughter and son in order to build up a good and positive digital image. This can be carried out by enlisting their interests and achievements. You can think of buying domain name for your child in order to start a blog over the web wherein you give him or her to talk about their interests. You can feel like considering assigning certain prompts including what is your dream workplace, where is your dream college to study, etc. and check the responses you get via this format. Their feedback over the blog can help you in understanding their dreams and develop certain creative skills as well.

Final word:

As per experts, teens are seen sharing more info about themselves online than others including parents, teachers and elders. This simply gives them overexposure that can pose the risk of marring their online reputation. The above tips and basic guidelines can help them in monitoring and managing their online reputation to a great extent and thus remains a good digital citizen as well.

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  1. It’s very interesting post and quite helpful also I have to say.its true that teenagers don’t like to share anything about their family as they think it makes them boring.

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