How to Unlock a Samsung Smartphone

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The situation is increasingly uninteresting: You’re a devoted smartphone user, immensely interested in acquiring the best plans and offers. Then a fresh, fully-featured plan indeed does emerge tempting you to switch loyalties to the new service provider. But the problem is that your smartphone is not willing to take the same step. Why? Because the device is locked to your current service provider rendering any change attempt futile.


So what’s the resolution to the above conundrum? Well, if you possess a Samsung smartphone (the chances are high given the brand’s popularity!) you’ll be happy to learn that you can unlock your device quite easily. Here’s more on this:

Fundamental Information

Essentially you can unlock any modern Samsung smartphone entrenching a SIM card, regardless of the company providing the cellular service. Also, some alternative unlocking measures (explained later) may be required to unlock certain Samsung smartphone iterations. All in all, the best part is that the unlocking is carried out without resorting to complex programming and abstruse rooting techniques as well as any additional equipment or irksome wires.

Unlocking Procedure with SIM card

1. At the outset, you are advised to procure a Samsung unlock code from either your current service provider or from trusted online sources like or

Note that you may have to fulfill specific conditions or pay a nominal fee to obtain the unlock code. Normally, the provider or the online sources will email your unlock code thereby maintaining confidentiality.

2. Next, switch on your Samsung smartphone embedding any conflicting SIM card.

3. Wait for a message requisitioning an unlock code. Once the prompt appears, input the unlock code furnished by your chosen source. Take extreme care during this step as inputting a wrong unlock code thrice will immediately invalidate the procedure and obviate any further unlocking attempts. Successful input ought to unlock your device.

4. Sometimes, your device might indicate the insertion of an incorrect SIM card instead of a code-requisitioning prompt. In this case, you would need to type “#0111*” immediately followed by the unlock code and another “#” symbol. This action should unlock your device.

Unlocking Procedure without SIM card

For unlocking certain older Samsung smartphone iterations it is not necessary to have an entrenched SIM card. The altered unlocking procedure is as follows:

1.  Switch your Samsung smartphone on sans a SIM card.

2. Type the ensuing characters “#7465625*638*” on your handset.

3. Next, input the unlock code provided by your chosen source (as mentioned earlier) followed by the hash character “#”

4. Your Samsung handset will display a message signifying that the inherent network lock has been disabled.

5. Finally, the smartphone will restart on its own after which it will boot as an unlocked device.

Special “Internal Unlock” procedure

If you own a top-notch Samsung device like the Galaxy Note 2, it may – according to online sources – be possible to harness an internal Samsung software component to unlock your device. Before proceeding, ascertain that your device embeds Android version 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher.


1. Enter the characters “*#197328640#” in the phone segment of your Galaxy Note 2.

2. Activate “UMTS” from the menu; opt for “Debug Screen;” choose “Phone Control;” select “Network Lock;” and finally “Options.”

3. In “Options” select “Perso SHA256 OFF” and wait for a few moments.

4. Next, navigate back by engaging the menu options again, choose the field – “Network Lock”, now select “NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ” and give it about a minute of wait.

5. After the pause, restart your Galaxy Note 2 to complete the unlocking.

Again, you should exercise great care executing all the aforementioned measures otherwise your phone might malfunction. Happy unlocking!

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