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How to Manage Digital Assets Effectively?

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We all know that the most happening thing now is internet and affiliate marketing. Everybody is into internet and affiliate marketing in one way or the other. You may be involved in this as an advertiser who has goods and services to sell or as a publisher who is looking for very profitable ways of making money online either by developing your own platforms that give you money directly or by sampling and selling other peoples goods and services.


While many people involved in such marketing activities will spend a lot of time dedicated to analyzing various aspects such as SEO and PPC campaigns among others, there is another important factor which should not be overlooked in optimization campaigns which is asset management optimization. This is because digital assets should never be overlooked in the marketing process.

In fact, they are now taking center stage and also determining a lot of things in internet marketing circles. To be successful in managing digital assets you must get into optimization. This is the number one principal rule.

What you should know

It has been found that many people limit their optimization to only text content, forgetting that other types of content can also help your site get ranked. Are you aware that you can insert keywords into the filenames of videos placed on your site? How about writing keyword rich captions for video and audio files and online libraries? It has been revealed that the number of people who do this for internet marketing is only about 20% of the total number of marketers – hardly what you might call optimized.

What you should do

You can make use of this untapped potential of using the optimization of digital assets to achieve some level of search engine optimization and high ranking for your internet marketing through digital asset management. But, you have to first of all learn the types of files and media that the search engines will likely display for the targeted keyword phrases. Whichever source that Google gets the images from when it displays results for a searched product can be leveraged by you to showcase and link your own media assets.  You can also optimize by making videos and taking photos of your presentations at an event and distributing these to media sites and blogs etc.

The next and perhaps most important and effective way of doing this is by the use of keyword rich filenames and tags. Here, you only need to make sure the names and tags you use for these files completely explain the content of the files. They should also be kept very simple. Again, whatever link you are using, make sure the landing page that the link takes people to contains the videos and photos on it.  Make sure the visitor can see these immediately when they arrive at such pages.

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