Advantages of an Online Graduate Degree

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As a working adult, it can be difficult to go to graduate school. With working full time and taking care of a family, attending classes on a traditional campus can be next to impossible. With the advent of online classes, many working adults are now able to earn their master’s degrees.


There are various reasons for why someone would want a postgraduate degree, but some reasons are more common than others.

Reason #1: Higher Lifetime Earnings

Many reports identify that the level of education a person has positively correlates with lifetime earnings. According to the College Board Trends Report, individuals with a master’s degree make 1.97 times more than high school graduates make. Those with a doctoral degree make 2.58 times more.

People with master’s degrees also have increased career opportunities. For example, Nurse Together reports that many health administrators prefer to hire MSN graduates. Nurses with graduate degrees are more likely to qualify for clinical and management jobs, too.

Reason #2: More Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is extremely important in life. People who find their job rewarding and enjoyable are less likely to be stressed and to suffer health issues. They also tend to be more satisfied with life. Individuals with a graduate degree are more likely to experience job satisfaction, according to the College Board. Fifty-eight percent of individuals with a bachelor’s degree or higher reported job satisfaction, compared to only 50 percent of those with a high school diploma.

One reason why graduate degree holders may have a higher level of job satisfaction is that they have more influence at their job. For example, a study conducted in 1997 by Morrison, Jones & Fuller found that job satisfaction with nurses was more evident when they had transformational leadership roles. They also found that satisfaction might come from these nurses having more pride in their work. This is because of the ability for a nurse to be more involved, due to his or her educational background.  It’s most likely another motivating factor for nurses who turn to higher degrees, like nurses who decide to seek an RN to BSN online degree.

Reason #3: Less Likely to Suffer Unemployment

People with higher education are qualified for more positions. Because of this, they have more opportunities to find work if they were ever faced with unemployment. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 report, the unemployment rate for high school diploma or less was 13.3 percent. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate for advanced degree holders was only 4.1 percent.

Reason #4: Get a Graduate Degree Faster

When attending a traditional school, most master’s programs take two to four years to complete. Online master’s degree programs can take this long or can be much shorter. In fact, some take less than two years. Accelerated programs are designed for individuals interested in the benefits of having a graduate degree sooner. These are benefits like a higher salary, increased job satisfaction and more career opportunities.

Reason #5: Save Money on College Costs

While the cost of online degree programs can be as much traditional programs, online students save money by not having to worry about transit or paying for a parking permit. Students who happen to be parents save money by not having to pay for childcare for when they’re in class.

Online Graduate Degree Programs Lead to a Better Life

Studies show that having a graduate degree can lead to higher lifetime earnings, more opportunities, less unemployment as well as more job satisfaction. An online graduate program can help to realize this sooner. These programs can be more cost-efficient, and a student can continue working while attending one. There’s no denying that an online graduate degree can help to improve a person’s quality of life.

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