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How to Select an eCommerce Platform for Your Online Store?

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The paramount importance and growing popularity of ecommerce has invited a lot of business to jump online to reap rich benefits. However, establishing an online business is not that simple as one imagines! A lot of factors have to be accounted for while raising a website for your ecommerce business. Well, though we have plenty of things to analyze before setting up an online store, the fundamental element that needs to be identified is the “right” platform for your business website. I really mean the word “right” in front of the platform, as picking the wrong one may be a nightmare to your business.


Picking the best platform is the first toward success. So, pay adequate attention and outstanding analysis skills to come up with a brilliant one to make your online venture a successful one. As we have different platforms like Magento, WordPress, and Joomla with distinct features, it is obviously tricky to end up with a best one. But, never impossible! This article would help you find the best platform for your online business effectively.

The following tips could easily guide you to identify the best and perfect platform for setting up your online store effectively.

Analyze your business:

Picking a platform entirely relies on the type of business you are into! If your business is out-and-out into ecommerce, better opt for the Magento platform. If blogging is your primary business motto, stick to WordPress. In case, if you are into ecommerce with very limited expansible features, then Joomla would be the great option. Remember, Magento is the best option when it comes to ecommerce because it offers incredible plugins and features to expand online business abnormally.

Analyze the architecture:

It is always better to select a platform with better architecture. Remember, all the platforms won’t have the same kinds of architectures. The architecture of the platform you have chosen should be stable, reliable and secured. Only such kind of platform can deliver high outputs for your business. Magento has a rock-solid architecture and incomprehensible security over others when it comes to ecommerce business.

Check which platform will better represent your products online:

Presenting your products and services online splendidly is the best way to drive unusual traffic to your website. As in our case, it being an ecommerce website, obviously Magento will be the best choice as it has some wonderful themes and functionality which could play a great deal in the improving the visibility of your products and services online. Showcasing your products online is extremely crucial for creating traffic to your website.

Checkout customizing properties:

Customization cannot be overlooked. It is the ideal means to convert any website proprietary. Adding a personal touch to the website with respect to the products is always a great idea to attract customers as well as drive traffic. In fact, all the three platforms offer incredible customizing abilities; but, Magento offers some outstanding features which could be really helpful for business improvement. The shopping cart with perfectly designed customizing features could easily improve your business prospects with ease.

Extensions for future enhancements:

Extensions play a huge role in the improvement of any online business. All business are subjected to enhancements in order to live up to the trend. Often adding new features and functionalities to the websites are the great ideas to grow a business. Extensions play a meaty role in the enhancement process and make it easily possible. Without the help of extensions, giving your business a new dimension won’t be possible. So, look out for a platform which offers incredible extensions with amazing features. Magento comes up with some scintillating extensions which could really help your eCommerce business grow perfectly.

Social ready option:

Surviving the online business without the help of social media is almost impossible nowadays. Social media have predominantly occupied the online space. Choose a platform with some solid options to connect with social media sites effortlessly. Magento has got some powerful plugins which when implemented in the website could easily integrate your site with the social media sites like Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, etc.

How secure it is?

Security plays a great role in the online business as millions of users throng your site. The information of the users as well as the web owner profiles have to be offered unprecedented security. Magento is highly safe compared to the other two platforms as it has some essential in-built functions and external extensions which could completely safeguard all your details effectively.

Is it affordable?

Budget plays a crucial role in the growth of any business. Ecommerce requires the investment of a lot of money; so, it is better to have a fair estimation of your budget beforehand. Well, in this case, Magento is relatively costly compared to WordPress and Joomla. However, Magento offers some unbelievable features that other platforms fail to provide. Though it costs on the higher side, it is worth the cost.

How simple it is to use?

Well, though your platform has some interesting features, incomprehensible security, etc. it is quite necessary that it should be easy to operate and perform. So, go for a platform that offers easy-to-use features and navigational functions to users rather leaving the users perplexed. The more simple your platform to operate, the more you gain traffic!

How good is the support?

Well, often times, most online store owners get into trouble because of improper support and services offered. However, Magento offers high-quality services to the customers and works 24/7. The reputation of the online support offered by Magento community is known worldwide as well.

When it comes to ecommerce, all the qualities, functionality, simple-to-use features, security, etc. is quite possible by using Magento for your business. So, if you plan to set up an online store, go for Magento as it has some solid and secure features which no other platforms never possess. I hope this article provided some useful information to everyone.

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