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So, you have been writing for long and are quite content with the way of life. Good, have you ever given it a second thought why despite all your honest effort, visitors’ loyalty is not shooting up. And the probable reason could be that they are not finding anything interesting on your blog and so they are not returning to your blog to have second look.

And the only way you can make them return to your blog is by adding some great posts. Now I do not aspire to play God here rather what I am trying to do is to share some great tips that have actually worked for me. So, by following these tips, you might turn things into your favor. Lets start exploring:


Before you go on churning out or rephrasing content published somewhat else, you need to be honest with yourself. Put on the shoes of a general user and try to image, would you care to share this post with your friends over Facebook after reading this. Or would like to give it a thumb up by tweeting this post. Now, if yoy really feel that your post has the spark in it, you can go ahead and publish it, it will surely be one of the greatest posts you have ever made. However, if you feel that the post still lacks the Wow factor, you should make changes in it accordingly, add some punch lines and whenever possible try to strike cord with the readers and believe me this will have an over powering impacts on the readers.

Does it Deserves Comments:

Do you that you blog post deserves to draw some comments from visitors. Would they care to go through the entire post and then post comments? Definitely, this is not that easy. Your post should be convincing enough to make people read and comment and here is a simple trick to do. You should write things in first person and whenever possible try to engage the readers so that they are tempted to comment on your posts. Try to add some controversial elements in your posts and you will see a steady uptick in the number of comments.

Are You Saying Anything New:

Since the number of blog owners is on the rise, you should make sure that your posts are significantly different from the rest of the others. Just regurgitating the same things over and over again will not help you either. You need to do some brainstorming session and come up with topic that people will find really interesting. Make sure that your posts are refreshingly new as far as the topics are concerned and for that you need to do occasional sabotage to your blogging career. Take a little break and try to find the creative streak hidden in you and you will come up with new and interesting ideas for sure.

Is there Any fun Elements in the posts:

People have enough of this serious shit. They are everywhere from newspaper to your neighbor. So, it is better, you should make your readers laugh even when you are talking about the most serious thing on earth. You do not make any sacrifice on the style front for adding fun elements in your writing. It is just the difference in approach and nothing else. Follow some satirical writers and you will definitely develop a new writing style. A great achievement for you as a writer and a great reading experience guaranteed for your visitors.

If you can follow these tips, your visitors may turn into loyal visitors.

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