Making Money from Your Blogging

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There are many ways to make money from your blogging and you can use the power of SEO and Internet keywords to help you pay for your hosting. This goes far beyond the commonly seen “donate $5 for a coffee” seen on just about every blogger’s website out there.

There are ways to really bring in advertising revenue using your site and your reader base, but you may have varying degrees of success with these methods.

Seeding Your Site with Keywords

This process can take a few hours to set up and you may need to get the professional help of a writer who is skilled at SEM techniques to do it for you. Once your site has been tweaked and modified to include the right keywords that will promote your business, you can begin to think about setting up Adwords or Adsense on your site. This is ultimately why you are building your reader base, so that they will click on the ads.

How to Pass This Off

If you just come out and say on your blog that “I’m only in this for your clicks”, you won’t get very far with your clients. In fact, you will probably lose most of your reader base. This is why it is not even encouraged to do this for the clicks, because that’s not even where you will be making your money from. Most companies only set up Adsense or keywords at the start of their business to create a small revenue stream that is usually only enough to cover the hosting of the site. This is a perfectly acceptable reason to set up Adsense.

Create Great Content

Ultimately, the only way you are going to really bring in new readership and create a client base who is interested in your product is if you are creating very interesting or entertaining content. By creating text, images, videos and many other types of media and then sharing it for free on the Internet, you can reach out to a huge number of people on a variety of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Digg and YouTube.

Also, by dedicating yourself to creating great content, you will never again be able to be accused of just doing it for the clicks. A blogging strategy that incorporates the idea of great content as its first and foremost goal is the only one that really works.

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