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Videos and SEO

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At one time, videos and search engine optimization weren’t friends and putting videos on a website did not guarantee a significant increase in visitors.


Changes in SEO strategy, increases in available bandwidth, and the popularity of videos have transformed the usefulness of videos and turned them into something almost necessary on any website.

The Rise of Video for SEO Purposes

A video placed on a website used to be wasted space, and Internet marketers gave it about as much value as a page full of flash coding and zero SEO-friendly content. With Google’s purchase of YouTube in 2006 the wheels of change started rolling regarding videos in websites, although true website video viability wouldn’t come to fruition until some years later.

For anyone who might doubt the power of video when it comes to building brand notoriety and increasing attention paid to the company, one need only consider that the most successful brands on YouTube offer their companies an average of 884,000 views every single month. With almost half a billion views between the top 20 brands on YouTube, the power of video cannot be denied.

Video in Today’s Search Engines

Today, when an individual performs a search on Google, the search engine for which everyone optimizes websites due to the behemoth’s market share, a number of results for standard YouTube videos show up in the results. When properly optimized, each of those videos provides a direct conduit to a company’s products, website, and brand name.

Web masters and search engine optimization specialists aren’t just concerned with making sure all the words on a website make sense and will drive traffic. They’re now interested in how to leverage dynamic content like videos and interactive games.

Designing New Video Content

Concerns of video and its place within the website are included in all design decisions related to website building and presentation. There’s a right way and a wrong way to place video within a website’s coding, and the worst thing a company can do is take a video that was already made and try to make it work within the current content.

Static content remains vital to the optimization process, but the planning of an SEO-friendly page today needs to include decisions on how to include video. The video needs to pair well with the content and not seem as though it was just thrown into the page at the last minute to increase the amount of dynamic content on the page.

Basic SEO for Videos

Just like a static picture or any type of written content on a website, a video must also be optimized in such a way that the search engine knows what it’s crawling. This means including standard tags and labels in the page’s coding to identify the video. As with pictures, the video’s name should be very descriptive so as to assist with snagging accurate search engine results.

Video Strategy Tips

Website designers and company owners should consider the following when launching a website that includes video to help introduce it seamlessly into the content:

1. Consider the audience for the video, including the expected demographic of viewers and whether it may increase brand notoriety, or whether it will focus on maintaining current customer relationships.

2. Spend appreciable time on keyword development for the video. It’s important to do research beyond a simple search with the Google Keyword Tool.

3. Ensure cooperation between the video makers, the website designers, and the SEO professionals to allow for hassle-free implementation of the video into the website.

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  1. Videos are simply integral part of today’s SEO field. Following right strategies are very important.

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