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Useful SEO and Marketing Resources from Google

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Google is one of the most popular and most widely used search engines. Most of the marketing and seo campaigns run basically targeting the Google. Google has introduced and keeps introducing many marketing resources to make it easier for search marketers to optimize their marketing efforts.


In this post, we will discuss some of the SEO resources from Google.

Google Analytics: Analytics as we all know is a service offered by Google that let us know our website traffic and user behavior on our website. Google analytics is a tool that helps us in keeping a detailed record of our website’s traffic, performance, transaction (In case of an Ecommerce website), traffic sources, conversations, etc. This data helps us by showing the result of our marketing efforts and helps in making future SEO planning.

Google Webmaster Tools: Google webmaster tool is a facility from Google that helps webmasters in maintaining the structure of the website. It helps webmasters in checking the indexing status of web pages, in submitting site-maps, in contacting Google, in checking for any crawl error on the site, in maintaining the robots.txt file, in repairing the broken links, etc. There are many other things that we can do with the help of this tool.

Google Plus: Google plus is one of the most famous social media tools. The main reason of its popularity is that it is a tool from Google itself so Google automatically give preference to its users. Google plus is a great tool for social media optimization of your website and for social sharing. It provides many options for social interactions including chats, video, webinars, hang-outs, etc.

Google Apps: There are available many apps from Google that we can use for marketing and seo of our website. These apps include email, Google docs, Google reader, calendar, social media apps, etc. Many of these apps can be used in website marketing and SEO optimization.

Google Adwords: Google adwords is a tool from Google that is used for keyword analysis. Keyword analysis is a process of finding the relevant keywords for a web page for SEO and link building purpose. With the help of this tool, we can find the keywords that are most commonly used by the users while searching for a particular business. It gives a detailed record of the keywords along with the local and global searches.

Apart from the above tools, there are many other marketing tools from Google that are not very commonly known to marketers, but are very useful. Below are some of these tools.

Google Tag manager: This is a tool from Google that can be used for tag management on a website. Tags are small codes that are usually placed in the head section of a web page to enable the third part tracking. Tag manager helps in proper management of these tags.

Google Trends: Google trends is a very useful tool for future estimation of the search. This tool can be used to track the user behavior for some specific data. It can also be used to track the growth of a particular brand over time and for particular keywords.

Think insights: Think insights is a resource from Google for trends, research and insights in the world of internet marketing. This tool provides you a free access to market research studies organized by marketing objectives and industries and is easy to use.

There are many other tools from Google that can be used for the purpose of online marketing. One benefit of using these tools is that our online marketing efforts are considered more trustworthy and legitimate. Since these tools are introduced by Google, websites using these tools are automatically preferred in search results.

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