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SEO Apps for Android That Actually Work

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When you’re looking to get your website ranked higher in search engine rankings, you need to understand the intricacies of creating a successful SEO strategy. That’s a tall order for anyone constantly on the go.


But with these SEO apps for Android, it’s possible to keep tabs on everything you need to know without wasting any time sitting at a computer.

Webrank SEO

If you’re using an Android phone, Webrank SEO is a free app that’s bound to help you. In no time at all, the app analyzes your whole website. Put simply, Webrank SEO functions as a complete SEO tool set to take with you anywhere.

Use Webrank SEO to keep tabs on your indexed pages, backlinks, any possible penalties, and your Google Pagerank and Alexa Rank. Beyond this, the app even comes with a Sociometer that tracks social media activity. That means you’ll have any information you need about Facebook likes and shares, Twitter retweets, and Google +1s.


SECockpit is a great app when it comes to keyword research. Of course, keyword research is a huge part of any successful SEO strategy. You need to know which keywords rank well and how they relate to the product or services that you offer.

With SECockpit, you simply put in a word or phrase. The app then spits back out the search volume as well as the competition for the entry you give. Since this is an SEO task you easily can complete while you’re on the move, SECockpit will come in handy constantly.


You know how Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for anyone working with SEO? mAnalytics is essentially Google Analytics for your Android device. Though it costs $1.30, the value this app will bring to your SEO strategy is huge.

mAnalytics gives you every function that Google Analytics offers — all without needing to log on to your computer. With this app, you’re able to check everything you need while you’re on the go. Beyond that, it logs users in automatically, and once you’re logged in, it shows all accounts and subaccounts in list form. With its quick view screen, you won’t need to go through subaccounts when you only have one website.

SEO SiteRank Lite

SEO SiteRank is available in two versions. If you’re looking for a free version, there’s a good option here. The free version of SEO SiteRank Lite gives you information that relates to the pagerank and Alexa rank of your website. It also gives you information for your website or blog about websites you’ve searched before.

At the same time, SEO SiteRank Lite displays this information in your browser for easy use. Even better—you don’t even have to connect to the Internet when you’re using the app. Just scan through Android phone reviews to see how popular these mobile devices are, and you’ll begin to get an idea of how useful these features are. If you’re looking for more tools than this version provides, the paid version is available for download for $8.


While you’ll need to pay $1.99 for this app, SEMTab SEO Pro is a great tool to have in your arsenal. This app will keep you in the loop about the strength of your website or blog as well as your presence on various social networks.

And SEMTab SEO Pro certainly is very useful when it comes to monitoring. The app helps you watch the domain ranking for your website as well as search engine marketing strength, inbound links, and backlinks.


It doesn’t hurt to have a simpler app to keep tabs on things. While SEO SERP may not have the bells and whistles of other, more in-depth apps, it serves a useful function. SEO SERP provides you with information about your standing on social networks and helps you with keyword position tracking.

SEO Keyword Checker

When you’re looking to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your website, SEO Keyword Checker is the way to go. This free app allows you to check in on every weakness or strength that your website may have. It does this by giving you exact information about your keyword density, niche opportunities, and even any opportunities you’ve missed.

SEO Keyword Checker tells you about popular topics and keywords for blog posts as well. This way, you know how to create content that engages your readers and boosts your SEO rankings at the same time.

Once you find the SEO apps that actually work, you task of keeping your site’s SEO strategy up to date becomes much easier. Whether you’re looking for free apps or the more in-depth versions you pay a bit for, these Android apps will help keep your website at the top, even when you’re on the move.

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