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The Science of Hiring the Right PHP Programmers for Your Project

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For any project manager, getting the right talent on board is a task fraught with challenges. While there is a sea of options for the taking out there, how do you know that the choice you are making is the choice to be made. And when it boils down to PHP, making the right choice is an especially arduous task.


As an open source programming language, PHP has been serving major software enterprises across the world. PHP has the uncanny ability to put things in the right place when it comes to building dynamic projects that involve big investments, and bigger outputs. There are several ingredients of success. PHP brings all those ingredients together brilliantly, and cooks up a storm that blows away the competitors.

As dramatic as the previous statement may have sounded, there is a gospel truthfulness to the way PHP empowers your development teams to create projects of the highest standards.

This begs the question: how to hire such programmers who can harvest maximum value from this highly utilizable platform? As discussed earlier, there is no lack of talent, but when it comes to finding the right talent, this is where the struggle starts. As someone who ideates, you might have come up with a great idea for the project. But bringing it to reality requires exceptionally skilled programmers and here is how you find them:

Know Who You Want

  • Mid-level Programmers

Are you restricted because of your budget? Will you be content with programmers who possess mid-level skills? Well, if you are looking for beginners or mid level programmers, you might find going a bit easier. Average programmers are huge in numbers. While, they are yet to master their skills, more often than not, the level of commitment emanating from them won’t disappoint you. And because they are still in their learning phase, in their quest to impress you, they might just push the envelope and create a final product that exhibits hard-worked application and innovation.

  • Only the Specialists?

When too much is riding on the project you have spent countless night strategizing about, you would want it to requite every bit of effort and penny, and more. With such aspirations, hiring the connoisseurs of PHP programming will well and truly be your only option. You might as well be placed in an untenable position if you plan to save some extra and instead hire programmers who cannot take their vision forward. Experienced programmers not only have the ability and acumen to develop codes that facilitate highest-level functionality, they also have a great understanding of how things are run in the software business. They have the intuitive capability to evaluate what works and what might not create a stir.

How to Find Them

  • Go Conventional

The mainstream ways to find new hires never ceases to work, precisely because they have a lot of method to them. Advertising a vacant position in news portals will grab many eyeballs, as folks seeking jobs are always looking for such opportunities. Same goes for the online scouting for talent. Create an account on a job portal as an employer and put up a job vacancy. Within hours, your inbox is filled with applications from people all across the country. The applications are accompanied with elaborative resumes to give you a fair idea about the skills and experience of the job seeker, and you can filter out resumes you don’t deem impressive.

While these are the fail-safe methods of scouting talent, a downside to these methods is that you aren’t very sure if the candidates possess the talent you are looking for. More often than not, there is a lot of clutter in the form of resumes you are not at all interested in. However, if you are willing to carry out an extensive scanning process with the help of HRs, it might just work out for you. As an alternative, you can also ask friends for references. You might be knowing someone who is more than willing to help you out and is in contact with the breed of programmers you want; if they had a good experience working with some such people, you might save yourself a lot of time.

  • Choose from PHP Communities

When you don’t have a lot of time, and funds to spend on scanning hundreds of candidates, it will serve you well to look into PHP communities and pick someone from there. There is a large number of PHP communities on the Internet, some of which are flooded with programmers with years of experience and expertise in PHP. These communities are well organized and make it easy for you to come across the kind of programmers you are looking for. While, this method also requires fair bit of effort on side, there is a lesser investment in the terms of money.

By the virtue of this method, you can also opt for offshore programmers who would not only prove to be adept at their jobs, but will also charge you far lesser than what you may have envisaged at the beginning of the project. These are freelancers who are looking for online job opportunities. In the event they are from India, you job may pay them much more than what were earning from the local companies.

Whether you decide to go the traditional way, or find resorting to PHP communities a more viable option, one thing that underlines everything is how good you are at evaluating the options on hand.

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