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Stunning Apps for Your iPhone – Know About It

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Is it the first time you have gotten the ubiquitous iPhone, Congratulations! Even though you are a bit late to join the iPhone saga, you have just started the journey of app world. Your phone isn’t going to be that exclusive gadget for fun and entertainment unless some essential apps bring life to it. But, be alert! This is a highly addictive phone if you love it.


Let us here see about those stunning apps which make it popular and user-friendly to bring the apps of all purpose to your palm.

If you had a glance of the app store, it is not a surprise that you are left away with varied applications bringing only confusion at the midst of choosing and ignoring the applications in the market. If that question is haunting you, please read on to find your answer.


Let us begin with Tripit. If you are a traveler, then this app is just developed for you. This replaces your travel itinerary. It tracks and synchronizes your email account about the travel information. All your traveling information are sorted and organized. It is easy and simple to use.


If you are a health freak and you can’t compromise to stay those calories in the body, you are in need of an app which guides through various fitness trackers. There are numerous similar apps to compete with Endomondo, but only when you install, you realize how worth and useful it is for all your fitness needs. It helps you calculating time, speed and distance based on your workout. You can share and gather information about health tips by joining its Forum.


Bring those conventional snail mails back with Cards. This apps helps you to design Greeting Cards to share among your friends and relatives. You are freed from those Stamps and that’s the only difference when compared to the Envelope era. This app comes pre-loaded with templates and themes that suit various occasions. So you just need to select the one you require and share it.

Khan Academy

You have learnt How-to on books and writings; can you deny if you get those tutorials live on as videos? Khan Academy has created an innovative mobile application to enhance and foster those learning urge amongst the mobile users. This is a video app which gives you access a range of how-to videos. If you have any doubt about a particular subject, you can select the category and browse the video you look for. Whether you need to know about a mathematical formula, or climbing a mountain, Khan Academy develops your learning skills by its video classrooms.

F for Facebook

No wonder if the alphabetical textbook will include this social media site and before that let you iPhone be stacked with this beautiful app. Installation of this app can save your time in visiting the browser and logging onto the site. Facebook for iPhone brings push notifications at your screen. News feeds, Likes, Status updates, pictures and videos can be seen quickly. Now, accept the friend request much easier.


Let File manager sort all your various file types and you just need to wait how it has neatly arranged and organized those files.


This is a free drawing app which can support different layers; various brush size, color tones that makes your drawing easier. Millions of users have downloaded it and what about you? Enhance your drawing skills here.


All your payment and transfer needs are fulfilled by installing PayPal. It allows transfers and transactions of money online through safe and secure data encryption. If you are an avid user in m-banking and shopping, PayPal is a must have app for your iPhone.


IMDB offers you the same web experience to the mobile live. You can read the movie reviews, news and updates online by installing this app.

Google Maps

Google Maps can be used to navigate the locations across your city. It is an all-rounder when it comes to the location featured search. This is a must have for GPS assisted navigation.


Scan those QR codes and you will be linked to the webpage of that favorite brand.


Shazam is one of the widely used video applications. You can stream and see videos of your favorite choice.

Hence, these are the list of most fabulous apps for your iPhone. Go to the App Store today and experience how it makes your life easy and simpler.

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