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Top 5 iphone Apps to Check your Health

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Obtaining accurate and pertinent health information has never been simpler with the combination of internet access and iphone apps. Find all the information necessary for a wide range of topics that include pregnancy,childbirth and babyhood.

Learn about medical conditions, medications or devise a workout program and get healthy.


The popular medical website now offers a free app for iphone users. The wealth of information available includes identifying ailments by name or symptom. The massive prescription, over-the-counter medication and supplement database provides information concerning usage, side effects and drug interactions. Check medication color, shape and the imprinted code with the pill identification tool. With First Aid Essentials, locate emergency treatments in a snap for everything from broken bones to insect stings. Best of all, the first aid information remains available with or without internet access.

Pregnancy (Sprout)

Created by the collaborative efforts of American Baby Magazine and Med ART Studios, the app provides a vast amount of information for mothers and expectant mothers. Recommended and written by physicians with the assistance of real mothers, the database contains invaluable information concerning pregnancy and childbirth. The program enables women to monitor weight gain, keep track of movement and time contractions when the big day arrives.

Full color images and three-dimensional models on the “My Baby” option tracks the infant’s growth and development through the entire pregnancy. “Doctor Says” provides helpful information that includes daily recommendations and tips. Additional topics covered include pregnancies that extend beyond the due date.

WebMD Baby

A great companion for the Pregnancy app, WebMD Baby provides physician recommended health information from the time the little one enters the world. Keep track of feedings, diaper changes and every little milestone. Monitor baby’s growth and development by personalizing the program for the youngster’s specific age and gender. Learn about the long list of childhood ailments and injuries.

Figure out when not to worry and when to run to the doctor. Special articles and weekly tips offer a variety of suggestions for moms and dads. Pick up some parenting advice along the way. WebMD also allows parents to add notes, which prevents forgetting those important questions at the child’s next appointment. Parents might also add information provided by the physician.


The information contained within this handy application takes the mystery out of medications. The medication guide quickly and easily provides recommended dosages for individual formulations. Learn what disease processes require which medications. Discover what adverse reactions are common and when to seek immediate medical intervention. Keep track of food and drug interactions.

Never forget a dose with the programmable dosage reminder. Stay informed of FDA alerts. The pill identifier displays pills, showing colors, shapes and imprinted lab codes. A “Best Price” button compares prices of medications, which helps patients save money.


Turn to iMuscle when contemplating the best way for getting rid of love handles, toning up tummy muscles or firming thighs. Touch a particular muscle or muscle group on the animation and a scroll bar offers a list of suggested exercises for that part of the body. If knowing the medical name for the muscle, merely enter the name in the index tab. A fully animated three-dimensional muscle man guides users through each workout by demonstrating the proper technique for each exercise. The application quickly allows users to design their own workout routines. Having a database of many different exercises also helps prevent routines from becoming boring.

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  1. Great applications. Truly technology are really evolve fast and there so much way and reasons we can use it. But we must not stick on the technology and keep in mind that natural way is the best way for us to know things especially in our health and those apps are only develop in order for us to be more in demand and more easy to us to know what we want.

  2. So iPhone is a doctor now, before read your post i was unaware about these very important and helpful apps regarding health. These apps can be very helpful to be health and check our health developments which will be an arming way for our body.

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