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Top Notch Security Apps for iPhone

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Just having an iPhone is not enough, these days. The user has to be concerned about its security as well because of the growing number of online scam and frauds. What are the main factors that any iPhone user should consider for a gadget ultimate security?


The details are as follows:

  • The password protection must be present. Always use a strong password that is hard to guess by anyone.
  • Enable the private browsing in your iPhone. Make sure that your web history, cookies, and additional information must not be traded through the internet.
  •  iPhone users can take help by using Password Manager.
  • If you do not want anyone else to look into your browsing history then simply wipe it off before handling to someone else.

Some of the iPhone Security Apps

Along with the security options, the absolute way to secure the iPhone is to get security apps. These apps are available for either free or against some payment. The details are as follows:

SplashID Safe Password Manager

It is one of those apps, which is preferred by majority of the iPhone users. They like to download it for free and upgrade it on time to time basis by paying a few bucks. The users can lodge their sensitive information in their iPhone by protecting the gadget in locked record categories. The users can simply store their credit card details, registration codes, username, password, account numbers, and much more. In simple, it is smart, easy, speedy, and trustworthy app.

WISeID Security

It is a very convenient free app, with which you can save your important data, card numbers, PIN codes, notes, pictures, etc. Store everything in your phone and save it by using this app. This data in your phone is all secured from the hackers. This iPhone security app also provides the dot pattern and face recognition options. Moreover, it is available in multi-lingual.

Secure Folder Pro

Right now, on a 50 % sale on Apple’s official site, the app is comparatively cheaper than other available app. It allows the keypad lock with codes and pattern locking. It will secure your SMS, photos, videos, credit card PIN codes, and other passwords. In addition, if any of the prowlers is trying to enter into your iPhone then your security app will identify him by using GPS tracking. The users can also keep a secret record of the websites and bookmarks.


Find out which network is available around you. All you need to do is to download this app and it will let you know that what are the other devices activated around you. It will provide the manufacturing details and other available information regarding that nearby device. Also, it finds out if any server, phone, computer, or router is active around your iPhone. Thus, just start scanning the surroundings by activating the app.


Breaching the personal privacy is very much prohibited in all over the world. This is what highly believed by the creators of the Wickr. They have tried to protect the human rights by creating this app. The iPhone users can control, make private, register the complaint, and stop the anonymous messages from the unknown people using this app now. It is one of the most trusted apps, which enables the users to decide that which messages they want to receive and which they do not want. The app also deletes the metadata i.e. location, timings, edits, etc.

Hotspot Shield VPN

It helps the users to secure their IP address, email passwords, and other personal information. This app is available for free. It enables the users to browse without making it visible. The best thing about this security app is that, it unblocks any website or app that is blocked at your working place. Thus, if you want to give your iPhone a trustworthy security, then nothing comes better than these apps. Get them today!

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