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Should I update the blog every day?

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This is a question asked by many people who start a blog in order to win many visitors.

Well, let me make clear that this information represents my opinion based on my current results with blogging, okay? I’m no expert, but I get my exchanged here using this method I’m describing.

My strategy for all new blog!

For every new blog that ride, even though it has just the end of passive income, where I’ll just write some articles regularly, I try to write as much as possible early in the life.

My tip would be to write you every day within the first 60 days of the blog.

Say this is a way to recommend and use to give more gas to the beginning of the blog, just because the beginning is the most difficult period, then, after getting past, things tend to become increasingly easy !

Thus it becomes easier in all senses!

Then if you can write a new article every day in the first 60 days, you will already be familiar with writing, so this process will be much easier for you!

Maintaining this pace of upgrades, will feel that the visits will increase slightly in blog, this one will sound like a motivational factor for you always continue firm, but calm down, after all, is beginning, so do not expect much this time!

Target does not mean a facility, but rather their own Overcome!

Now if you can force a little more, and to update your blog every day, try to update with more than one item per day, for example, until about 2 or 3 articles on the same day.

I know this may seem forced, but calm, after all you’ve ever wanted to write more than three items on the same day, or longer?

As I have said is a faster pace, but I assure you that is very worthwhile for a new blog.

Remember, it all seems very difficult when you have not tried and do not really know whether or not it can be done!

After that initial period of updates, you can think of to keep a slower pace of daily updates and unique, or maybe even update the blog every two days, and go to track results.

If visitors begin to gradually increase, until you can maintain this pace and maybe jump to a new article every three days, but this is not a standard rule is just a generic rule that I use, where you can rely on to adapt its reality and the segment of your blog.

After these first 60 days, you can then start thinking about SEO, optimizations, and tips to better disclose your blog, but remember, if you try it before you have content, nothing will work unless your frustration that will increase it from me, I speak from experience!

Updates will not interfere Frequently Blog?

we need time to read, digest and of course, put into practice what we learned, and another, some people do not have enough time everyday to sit at a computer and read a new article on your blog, they can even bother, but as I said, this tip is for the beginning of the blog, where visitors tend to be few.

Therefore, in the early days of his new blog, try to maintain a rapid pace of updates, so with the weather tends to be a friend of “Uncle Google”, so even if your blog is known for google and have a strong rhythm daily updates, Google tends to index your new content quickly.

And so, you tend to get more and more visitors, this is the real reason that everyone always looking to update their blogs!

No wonder that the first period is the most difficult!

Remember, SEO Optimization Tips and help, spread the links on social networks help, publicize the blog in all the directories that you know helps, but the key to the success of the blog’s content! I say this based on my experiences with blog!

Engaging content and you will see results sooner or later on your blog! What do you think about updating the blog daily in the first 60 days of life? Do you agree?

14 thoughts on “Should I update the blog every day?

  1. Yes Isha, You are absolutely right. In the initial phases of blogging, consistent hardwork will surely result positive in future of your blog.

    So Manage your time and at least try to post a single article a day.

    1. yes Ranjan, there should be regular hardworking in initial stage… thanks for the comment….

  2. I believe that updating our blog is our sole decision and it depends upon the type of audience that we are receiving, we need to give time to our readers to understand and apply what we have shared with them.

  3. Isha,

    I agree writing 2 or 3 articles every day will definitely boost new blogs, we need to feed our blogs regularly otherwise they will die.

  4. Isha i agree that on a new blog you should write at-least 1 article per day to keep it updated as it will make you use to it..it also will drive our readers as they do not like blogs which do not have some fresh content at-least in 2days..Nice Post..

  5. i agree with you Isha because particularly the new blogs which are not updated regularly with new posts then the blog visitors will assume that the blog has dead and they never returns.

  6. Consistency is more important than frequency. Write everyday for one month, then skip a month, then write once a week, you would face writer’s block this way pretty easily. Not to mention visitors won’t know when to expect a new article for you.

    I’m doing exactly like I’ve mentioned earlier, so 3 years down the road, there’s still no community built around my blog. Most are just organic traffics without regular readers.

  7. i feel you must since it will help in your alexa as well

  8. Its really important to post atleast a single article in initial days of your blog. Once, you’ve got a good traffic from Google you can switch to around 3-4 articles per week, depends on your choice. I followed the same suit for some of my previous blogs and was hugely benefitted.
    Also, the concept of “Volume blogging” plays a major role in beginning days of blogging.

  9. regular posting (at least one article a day). and perfect promotion help you to build a community and trust in your niche

  10. Very nice article, Isha, but I don’t think you should do it. Fear of losing readers is one reason to explain why people love to update their blog every day. However, I found of that updating every day may ruin your blog quality because you may not have time to carefully inspect it. 🙂

  11. If have the time, it is good to write every day. But, if you only have a limited time, I suggest to choose the quality over the quantity.

  12. Thanks Isha! A killer post every week can boost up visitors!

  13. For a new blog posting regularly is very necessary, these tips will definitely help newbie Bloggers 🙂

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